Super Bastard goes to work as Super Bastard.

On a rather nice, crisp morning, Super Bastard found himself slowly waking up to a new day. Of course, this was nothing of importance to him. Every day was a day of antagonizing people for no apparent reason. He threw on his tights and cape, and set off for work without even showering. His first stop was a cozy little corner store. He walked in, a slight smirk upon his lips. He walked up the the cashier and asked "Don't you have anything better to do with your life?" "I'm working here to pay for college!", she replied. "Ha! College. What a loser. What do you think you'll get out of college?" He asked. "Well, it's better than working at a little shop like this. It's a career, something I can actually look foward to doing." With that being said, Super Bastard began wiping items off the shelves, laughing to himself and at the cashier. "Guess that'll be coming out of your paycheck then, wont it?" He said, before continuing his rampage. "If you break stuff, you buy it!!!" She exclaimed. Super Bastard, being the bastard he was, ignored her cry out to him, and walked out of the store, completely satisfied with his actions.

In the distance, a faint barking sound could be heard. This of course made no difference to Super Bastard. He began to stroll around downtown, calling people various names and shouting at people that drove by him. Eventually, the barking grew louder, and it seemed to have come out of nowhere. A large black lab with very sharp teeth baring. Super Bastard scoffed, reached his foot back, and kicked that dog so hard that it stumbled backwards and bolted off into the distance. "Another job well done." He said to himself proudly. What would he do next? Well, it all depended on who stepped in front of him next.

The End

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