Super Bastard establishes a suitable alter ego.

Since the age of eight, Super Bastard has made no secret of his super abilities. Scornful of everyone, he wears his cape and tights with pride. Anyone who has the audacity to offend him finds the fuel line cut on their car, or if they don't have a car, they find the electricity cables cut in their house. If they don't have a house, they find their cardboard box cut.
   Super Bastard currently works as a bailiff for Rossendales in Lancashire. He goes around, breaking the law and threatening to take stuff out of people's houses that he has no legal jurisdiction over.
   His alter ego is a buddhist monk, Tim-Tep, who espouses kindness and understanding in all things.

No one is sure why he wants an alter ego. No one likes him enough to ask.

The End

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