The Fires Of Life

A young mother of two kids comes in contact of all the fires of life. The flames of desire, the fiery hell of anger, and the very real fires of destruction. When her home is burned, she has to start anew and builds a very strong relationship with her savior.

  She walked down the desolate road searching for any signs of life. The fire had consumed everything, and she was left standing alone. The wind tickled her hair and blew ashes in her tear-filled eyes. She shouted and screamed, but her voice was so thick with tears that it was barely audible.

  Now she came to the charred remains of her beloved garden. Only the central cement fountain still stood, and even that was scorched. She kneeled and wept by the ashen plot of irises. With sobs shaking her body, she cried herself to sleep.

  She didn't sleeo well, for who would when sleeping on a bed of destruction? She dreamed of the fire and ever terrifying moment it brought with it. She relived this nightmareish day again in her sleep, but she already knew the details all too well.

  She had been cookin dinner while listening to the evening news when the report aired. The forest just outside town had caught fire; the reason behind it was still unknown. It had been a dry season, so the grass caught like kerosene. Her house was just outside the forest because she loved the view and all the landscaping possibilities.

  She ran to the window, but she could barely see. She was looking through a curtain of smoke.

  The fire was just outside her house.

  Her heart skipped a beat. She feared for her garden and her dog Lucky. She knew her kids were safe for they were with her mother out of state.

  The flames licked at her window as they scaled her walls. A screamed escaped through her lips as she ran into the garden. The trees at the back had caught fire, but it hadn't reached her prized irises yet. All her thoughts came in a whirl as she tried to think of a way to save her flowers.

  The flames rushed forward as she ran to the shed. She grabbed a pot and a shovel, not even bothering for gloves. She had to save some, they were her life's work. Irises never grew in this part of the state, and she had managed to make them flourish.

  She quickly potted two pants. Two would have to be enough. She ran into the house to set down  the to drench the remainder of her garden with water.

  The fire was now to the center fountain, but she couldn't give up. She coated everything in water, but the fire raged on like a raging bull.

  She ran out into the street screaming like a lunitic. All the neighbors came out, and their faces went aghast at the tower of smoke in the sky with a flaming red lawn.

  One, two, five, seven, so many more screams sounded as she watched the houses burst into flames one by one. Each fire was like a bomb; it came so suddenly. Her friends tailed behind her with terror-struck faces as she tried to find a safe place to wait.

  The entire street was ablaze as she made her way to the city pool. They went into the water waist-deep hoping that the water would keep the flames at bay.

  Walls of orange, yellow, and red closed in on her. Snakes of the fire struck out at them but were too far to reach. Like children, the women huddled and wept.

  She awoke then to a sudden chill. The air around her was black; not a single star to light this fearful night. She sat up, shaking from the cold, and looked around her. She had never felt so alone. All her friends had run into the fire to save either children or another friend. Her kids were safe, yes, but her friends were gone.

  Suddenly, a light broke out from behind her. She turned around, sheilding her eyes from the intensity. She jumped as the sound of sirens reached her ears.

  A tall man with striking green eyes stepped out of the fire truck and rushed toward her. He bombarded her with questions.

  " Ma'am? Are you okay? What happened? Are you hurt? Is there anyone else with you? What's your name?"

  He waited then for an answer. She started to get up, but he hooked his arm around her waist and lifted her himself. She was a little disoriented from the dream, so she stumbled on her words.

  "I....I'm... umm.. Kathy. Yes, my name is Kathy."

  He walked her over to the truck and set her down on the steps. She told him what she knew about the fire, and the people. The tears welled up in her throat again when he said she was the only survivior. The entire city had been burnt to the ground.

The End

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