Settling in :-)

Mark and the girls walked down the path in the park. They’d met up a few hours ago now. They just chatted and bought ice cream form the van that came around. A few families sat and eat picnics while their brats ran around screaming and a few more couples were enjoying a bottle of wine in the sunset. The seven of them walked down the path heading for their respective homes. They were almost at the gate to the park when the football came flying through the air. It hit Abby, a quiet girl with a great sense of humour, in the face. As one Marks group turned looking for who kicked it. Mark went white with fear as three of the boys who had beat him up before walked over. Two of them apologies to Abby and picked up the ball. As they were walking away the 3rd boy said “Guys don’t you recognise him! Its little freak with no friends” The two looked at the third like he was crazy and walked away. The boy looked doubtful for a minute before stepping forward and grabbing a fistful of Marks new shirt, Pete had took him shopping after seeing the state of most of his clothes.

The girls chorused ‘Let him go!’ Mark was fed up, he thought the boys had stopped after he’d been taken to hospital. Now this one was back and he got angry for the first time. He grabbed a fistful of the boys shirt and flecked his elbows, he was small for his age but strong and the boy looked surprised when Mark broke his grip. Mark sounded scary to himself when he growled “leave, me, ALONE!”.

The boy went white as Mark shook him by the shirt, he tried to throw a punch but Mark blocked and kneed him between the legs. The boy groaned as he collapsed in a heap. The girls laughed and they all left. Marks new home with Pete was just down the road from Susan and they were the only ones left as everyone else’s home was on their route. Mark said goodnight and was halfway down the road when Susan called him. He turned and she ran up. She kissed him on the cheek before darting back up the road to her house.

Mark stood gaping like an idiot for almost a minute before shaking himself like a dog. He walked in to the flat and said hello to Pete who was marking some work. They’d gotten to know each other better over Sunday and were becoming friends with mutual respect. They chatted and Pete told him to grab a snack because dinner wouldn’t be ready for a while. He made himself a sandwich and cursed under his breath when he cut his finger piercing the film of some ham. Blood spluttered out and Mark shook his finger.

These days he barely noticed his strange little power, he wasn’t sure it was evil either; perhaps the twins had just made it protective they had bit him after all. The only time he noticed it was when clamping down on it made him suffer and he needed to release it. He felt like that now and let it go, sighing in relief. He ran his finger under a tap and wrapped it in kitchen roll. He was about to reclamp his power, out of habit rather than desire now, when his finger felt strange, he unwrapped it and gasped as he watched the blood soaked into the paper flying inwards, towards his finger, it splattered over his thumb and was sucked back inside. The skin knitted together and left only the faintest mark. After a few seconds even that disappeared. He gasped in shock before nervously clamping his power. He headed to his room and sat down. What had just happened?

He was keeping the thing inside of him under more control than he had since the night he woke up after the rooftop.

Trying to distract himself he turned on his laptop and logged onto msn. He had been sent 4messages when he was offline and his phone received a text even as he logged in. Apparently Susan had told them all about he kiss and now he had the three friends of his who were online and the other girls through text all demanding how he felt, what he was thinking and what he was going to do. Mark was nervous and decided embracing this might make him forget about the cut.

“Pete, is it all right if I invite Susan around. Its only seven and I’m bored”

“Sure just for a while though”

Mark had no doubt the Pete didn’t believe his lie of boredom but he was tactful enough to not pry until later anyway. Mark sent her a text and within five minutes he was letting her through the door. Mark had never really thought about girls, no one had even like him until a few weeks ago but now this had happened he realised Susan was very pretty. She had blonde hair at around shoulder length and was future model material but without being obnoxious or anorexic.

“Hello Mr Smith” she said politely to Pete who looked up form his desk with his telling off face on.

“Susan unless you want a detention on your school record you’ll call me Pete out of school understood?” He practically fried at her.

“Y..Yes Pete” She stammered. She looked genuinely petrified and Mark took her elbow and led her to his room saying “Be nice” to Pete on the way out of the living room who flashed them a wicked grin which made Susan chuckle nervously when she realised he had been joking. She was still shaking slightly so Mark took a leap and gave her a hug saying “Its ok, he was joking. Ok?” She nodded into his shoulder.

Mark got nervous as they stood there just hugging for quite a long time. He broke it apart with a small cough and turned his TV on. She was sat on his bed and for a while they just chatted and laughed at the episode of Scrubs on the TV. Mark used the opportunity to get to know her better.

She lived with an older sister and her mother, her father had left before she was born. She liked lots of music, reading and promised to lend him some books when he admitted he had never really had time to read things for pleasure before.

They were channel hoping when they came across some cheesy chick flick that was half way through and Mark went and sat on his pillows. She joined him and they unconsciously snuggled together against the wall. Pete hadn’t got used to cooking for two yet and ended up cooking for twenty so he brought two of the pizzas in for them. He raised an eyebrow at them leaning against each other but didn’t say anything. He gave Mark a thumbs up before he disappeared in the doorway and Mark blushed, Susan didn’t notice anything luckily.

The film ended and at almost the same time Susan got a call form her mom “Sorry” she said “I’ve got to go”. Before she could say anything Mark kissed her. She responded with enthusiasm. It was soft and sweet but undeniably amateurish. They lay kissing for a long time until Mark heard a slight cough as Pete walked down the hall. They sprung apart guiltily a second before he appeared. He must have realised something from the red faces and both of them lying on the edges of the bed but he didn’t do anything.

“Did I hear a phone?”

“Ummm yes! Just my mum calling me home.”

We both walked to the door “Goodnight” I told her blushing slightly. Pete said goodnight as well and Susan disappeared down the street.

Mark almost made it to his room before it started. Pete’s voice echoed after him “Woooooooooooooooooo…well wasn’t that just interesting!”

Mark headed back to the living room deciding how to play this. How far to take it. He’d only known Pete properly three days now and their friendship was still a work in progress. Putting on a lisp he interrupted Pete’s laughter and said “Err, excuse me. Unless you want to be a granddad seeing how your now m father I’d shut up”. And he did shut up. Until he looked at Marks face and they both burst out laughing.

“So… you like her?” Mark could tell he wanted him to dish but remained non committal “She’s alright”

Pete burst out laughing “I was in the corridor for five minutes before I coughed and it looked to me like you were having more than an ‘alright’ time no?”

Mark grinned “Yeah alright I like her. Now shut up.”

They watched TV and it wasn’t until later that Mark even thought about he cut again. He told himself he was just over imagining.

Over the next few days Mark would reverently wish he was just over imagining. Shame really.

The End

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