The Firebird

Callie and her brother, Michael, have a secret. They are fighting in a war that has raged since the beginning of time. It is the most basic war of all. Good vs. evil. But the lines become blurred as Callie finds herself wanting to help save the world, while also needing to stay loyal to an old friend, no matter how evil he has become.

 It came with wings as black as night. Cold, unfeeling darkness rolled off it in waves of fury. The day had surrendered it's all seeing eye to the black mist. It's body had no form. It was  nothing but  twisting smoke changing from the shape of a man to the shape of a beast. This hellish being had come to the Earth for one purpose alone. The shadow did not feel love, or kindess, or generosity. All it knew was hate, anger, and despair. It did more than feel it. It relished in it. The death of all that is living gave it great joy. Their screams were like an intoxicating drug. After having a taste, it only wanted more.

 Beyond the horizon, a light began to shine. It was too faint to be identified, but burned as bright as the sun. It's glow grew slighty, barely illuminating the destruction. It was as if it were a dream. A faint promise of waking in the horible nightmare.

 Suddenly, the light blazed in white flames directly in front of the beast. A shape stood in the light, but it could not be seen because of the brightness sronger than the sun. Two slim hands came out of the light and pressed together. When the hands opened, they released a ray of power that struck the creatures heart.

 It howled in pain, a sound that shook the earth. Then it collapsed into the mountain, along with it's minions. The short mountain grew taller than the sky, stretching to a never-ending height, the prison for the shadow.

 Then the white light disappeared, and after a brief moment of complete silence, the world was back to the way it had always been.

                        *                         *                           *


  Callie turned at the sound of her name being called. A shadow decided to take advantage of the destraction. It charged her from behind, it's black sword held high above it's head. It screamed in triumph and brought the sword down.

 At the last possible moment, Callie unsheathed her sword and thrust it behind her. The sword went straight trough the shadow's stomach. It let out a gurgle of something foul, then disolved into dust. Callie didn't even spare it a glance.

 "What do you want, Michael? I'm kinda busy right now!"

 "Callie, look!" Michael pointed to something in the sky. Her gaze followed his finger to a solitary storm cloud. Upon the cloud was a boy. He had pale skin and dark brown hair. He held a black sword in his left hand and was dressed in full body armour. Callie couldn't see his eyes, but she knew they were black.

 "Fioundt." She spat. Fioundt smiled at her then jumped from his cloud. The jump had to be at least a thousand feet. That didn't bother him though. He landed on the ground with easy grace. If a human tried that, they would have broken every bone in their legs.

 "Hey, Cal. Long time, no see."

 "Don't talk to me, you filth." She said. Fioundt mocked hurt.

 "Filth? I thought I was your friend?"

 "We were never friends. You were just using me."

 "True. It was lots of fun messing with you."

 Callie drew out her sword again and pointed it at Fioundt. The silver blade gleamed wickedly. Callie could see the symbol of the phoenix start to glow. She knew her eyes were turning red as the power entered her body. Fioundt looked at her and laughed. All other shadows (and humans) wanted to get away as far as they could when her eyes went red. Fioundt would just laugh at her and say stuff like "the littlle birdies getting cranky".

 "Fight me, you coward. Or are you afraid I'll win?"

 "Come on, Cal. We've been through this. We both now you can't kill me. You had your chance, remember?"

 Callie didn't want to, but her mind flashed back to that day six months ago. She'd been so close. Fioundt had been defenseless. She'd held her sword right above his heart. For the first time, his eyes showed true fear. It had given her great satisfaction.

 All she had to do was drive the sword into his chest, and it would all be over. She'd lifted the sword up. He'd closed his eyes, ready to meet his doom. It never came. She hadn't been able to do it. No matter how many times she told herself she could, she couldn't. The boy she saw kneeling on the floor that day hadn't been a shadow. It was her old friend Frederick she saw. She'd remembered the time he'd gone by that name. He'd been her best friend. No one had been closer, not even her brother. His betrayel had been worse than any torture imaginable. It had killed her inside.

 Callie blinked back tears. She would not cry. Frederick didn't exist anymore.This thing in front of her was nothing more than a souless shadow.

 "If you think you can do it, go ahead. I won't fight back. I won't try to stop you. Kill me."

 Callie looked at Fioundt. Not in anger, or fear, just looked. He was right. Callie couldn't kill him. It didn't matter if he slaughtered a thousand innocent people, or turned all the drinking water to poison. Callie could never hurt him. To her, he was still Frederick. And she would never hurt Frederick.

 "That's what I thought." He didn't sound triumphant or angry. He sounded disappointed. It was almost like he'd wanted her to kill him.

 He let out a sigh and turned around. For a moment, he looked back over his shoulder at the broken girl behind him. His black eyes seemd to deepen in an emotion she could not place. If she didn't know any better, she would have thought he was sorry. Then he turned his head and ran away from her.

 The shadows followed their master out of the battle. Soon, all that remained were the surviving humans and dead bodies. And one sorrow filled girl.

 She fell to her knees and watched the receding army go, along with her childhood best friend. And for the first time in fifteen years, she cried. Cried until the morning came and there were no more tears left to shed.

The End

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