Aiding the Joker

Many different people living in Wesdern Rivers called Dominique De Longis many different things. To the children and most of the girls his age he was a charismatic and clever young man who constantly fought against the oppressive forces of the old and cranky elders. He was a rebel who broke the rules and who was clever enough to talk himself out of a huge punishments like the traditional whack-in-the-rear by a leather strap.

To the adults he was quite the opposite, a sneaky and untrustworthy boy who spent his spare time causing a ruckus and influencing the younger generations to follow in his footsteps. That and a no good thief who would trick you one minute then sneak a kiss from your daughter the next. 

 "De Longis!"

Dominque quickly pulled away from the pretty girl he as kissing and yelped at the sight of her father standing at the doorway, axe in hand. He backed away from the furious lumberjack slowly, his daughter holding onto her father's arms pleading him not to do anything reckless. Dominique raised his arms up slowly, a sheepish grin on his face. Horst Schleiffen was a burly lumberjack who was infamous for his stubborn attitude and temper.

"Hey Mister Schleiffen..." He gulped a bit as the girl tried to get her father to drop the axe. The lumberjack snapped something quietly to her and she slowly made her way to the bed, mouthing 'run' to Dominque.

Dominque bolted, ducking under Horst's arm and down the wooden stairs. He heard a loud roar behind him followed by a loud yell to run faster. He could hear something slice by his ear and impale itself in a table beside him, the sound of wood cracking rang in his ears as he burst through the door. He stumbled onto the hard stone road, turning in time to see the beautiful Helen Schleiffen giggle a bit before motioning to him to keep running, a shamed look on her face as her father chastised her. He got to his feet and took off down the street, his face red and a goofy grin on his face. He waved rapidly towards three men standing by a forge.

"Dear Elements what have you done now?" The face of Arnwald Adler had formed into a frown, followed by the regretful looks on his uncle Elias and cousin Ebbe's faces. He stopped in front of them, hands on his knees as he panted heavily. Arnwald shook his head before lifting his head up to him. "I swear Dominique if you've gone and stolen another item from Horst..."

Dominique shook his head. "Come on Arnwald, it was only one time. And besides that isn't why I'm running for Horst this time." His cousin shook his head before slapping the side of his head, almost knocking him off his feet. "Hey! What was that for?" he growled, rubbing his head.

"That was because you did something stupid and because we're probably going to have to cover for you." Domiqnue looked back at his cousin, his uncle at his head staring off into the distance. He turned around and cringed at the menacing sight of Horst walking towards them, his wood cutting axe in his hands. He felt a hand roughly move him to the side and looked up, the ever-emotionless face of his Uncle shaking his head.

Horst made their way to them and stopped when Arnwald and Ebbe stood in between him. "Out of the way boys," he growled. "I only have a bone to pick with that accursed boy!"

"Now hold on Horst, what's the boy done this time?"

Dominique gulped as Horst seemed to explode. "He's gone and kissed my daughter Elias! I'm a patient man and you know this but this time the boy's gone too far!"

Dominique gazed at the ground, trying to avoid the shocked look on Arnwald and Ebbe's faced. "You kissed Helene?" Ebbe said, a hint of surprise in his voice. 



The End

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