The Lazy Blacksmith

"Ebbe! Get 'yer arse over here!"

Eberhard Eichmann, Ebbe to most of his friends, opened his mouth wide as he ywaned himself to consciousness. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and threw the wool blanket off of him, letting out another loud yawn. He scratched his back and got up, groggily making his way towards the kitchen of their small house. He muttered a good morning to his mother as he sat down on a fine wooden chair.

"Well somebody seems to have enjoyed a good sleep." 

Ebbe shrugged, his shoulders moving up and down. His mother rolled her eyes before heading back to something cooking in a cast iron pot. The aroma of the soup made its way to Ebbe's nose, his body suddenly perked up and he stood straight on the chair. "Whatcha' cooking mother?" He rose from hsi seat and peeked over her shoulder and his mouth began to water as he stared hungrily at the bubbling meat stew. "Now that looks mighty tasty..."

As he reached for a wooden spoon his mother quickly thumped the short bristles of hair on his head. She waved the spoon, a stern look on her face as he rubbed the throbbing pain on his head. "Oh no you don't you gluttonous oaf! As punishment for sleeping in again you'll have to eat your lunch the same time we do."

"But mum-"

"No buts!" Ebbe sighed and bowed his head in surrender. His mother was a small woman, several inches shorter than him and his father. However she was twice as stubborn as them and could yell in a way that would leave a man humbled or in pain. After living eighteen years with his mother, Ebbe had learned not to argue with her once her voice was this high and her hands were over her hips. Ebbe groaned before heading out the door, adding "keep the soup called mum!" before he closed it behind him. He stepped outside, gazing at the typical outdoor forge his father had made so he could separate his work life with his personal one. He walked casually towards a tall, stocky man with large muscular arms currently at work smashing a hammer over an orange-red piece of heated steel.

"Mornin' Elias." His father answered him with a grunt before grabbing the steel with a tong and slowly dipping it in ice cold water inside a bucket beside him. Ebbe waited patiently as his father held the steel in the bucket, ignoring the hissing sound it made as the steam rose up into his face, adding to the beads of sweat already on his forehead. His father pulled out the piece of steel, revealing the long and double edged blade of the claymore. He laid the four foot five blade on a blackish table beside him before turning back to Ebbe. "Anything I can help with?"

His father said nothing but motioned towards an oncoming figure atop an old gray mare. Ebbe turned and smiled at the waving silhouette of a handsome young man with medium length blonde hair and bright blue eyes. "Morning Ebbe you lazy oaf!"

"Morning to you too pretty boy!" The young man jumped off his horse and walked to Ebbe, a smile on his face. He grinned before pulling him into a short bear hug, releasing him and chuckling before Ebbe spoke. "Been working that poor horse hard again?"

The boy shook his head. "Naaw not that, just came by here to say hello before I head out to the forest again." 

"Of course you are Arnwald, or should I say 'Pride of Wesdern Rivers'?" Arnwald chuckled before waving at Elias. The man greeted him in the same way he had with Ebbe, a simple grunt before returning to his work. "So Arnwald, how long do you think it'll take to chop up those trees?"

As Arnwald opened his mouth to answer they heard a loud yell coming from down the street. Arnwald, Elias and Ebbe turned quickly towards a house similar to Ebbe's,  a boy no older than fifteen years suddenly bursting out  from it's door. His face was red and there was a mischievous grin on his face as he ran towards them


The End

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