Pride of Wesdern Rivers

Arnwald Adler let out a sigh as he set the two handed axe down. He wiped his blonde hair out of his eyes before seating himself on a small stump, whistling as he stared at a large oak tree beside him. It was a large tree, an oak that had stood just a few miles outside the village of Wesdern Rivers. For almost five years he had been tirelessly working to cut the tree down, taking time every morning before work and every hour after to cut into it's powerful frame. Even after all his hard work the tree was only a quarter of the way chopped.

"One day I'll cut this old oak down." Arnwald bowed slight to the tree, acknowledging it as if it were one of his elders. He got up and grabbed the large axe, heavign it over a shoulder before walking towards a small gray mare. The horse whinnied a bit as he climbed on, her legs wobbling ever so slightly until he sat fully erect on her back. He stroked her mane before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small, chopped up carrot. He chuckled as the horse whinnied in delight and nibbled the pieces out of his palm. "Settle down Adala, mother's probably going to end up feeding you once we get home."


Arnwald smiled as he smelled the familiar lake and lumber scent of his home town. Wesdern Rivers was located as the name might imply-beside a large river- and only a few minutes ride from the massive Pangaean forests that engulfed the central part of the country. The town had been created in the year 525, twenty years after the end of the massive war that had torn the country and it's four kingdoms apart. Alongside it's sister city of Norderen Rivers, Wesdern Rivers had grown into a successful lumber and fishing community, wealthy enough to send its fleets out into the Great Ocean to search for more exotic fish such as salmon. The two towns were built similar enough, with an almost identical number of houses, lumber yards, carpentry stores, armories, fishing markets and of course the occasional tavern.

"There he is gentleman! The finest example of a proper Wesderner in all of Panagea!" Arnwald smiled and waved at a pair of old men sitting on wooden chairs, a chess table in the center of them. The gate guards and twin brothers Erik and Aeric were old citizens of Rivers who had been living there for as long as anyone could remember.  They had little reason to stand guard, the two enjoyed the free time they received to goof off  as they were now too old to work as a lumberjack or fisherman and their fingers trembled so much their carpentry was quite crooked and shoddy. 

"Morning mister Erik. Morning mister Aeric."

The pair waved back at him and he stayed to chat a bit, enduring a few minutes of their ramblings before making an excuse to leave. "Such a hard working lad you are Arnwald. If only more of the lads were like ya."

Arnwald held his head high as he trotted through the village, waving at people who greeted him. Although he was by no means 'renowned' or 'famous', many villagers knew the son of Alaric Adler to be a lad as strong and hardworking as him, with a handsome face and bright blue eyes. He stared up into the sky, thinking about what people complimented him about for almost seventeen years. "The pride of Wesdern Rivers," he said with a smile. "The pride of Wesdern Rivers."

The End

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