The Fire Witch

A fantasy idea that popped into my head. Don't judge it until you read it (the title is kind of cheesy I know).

She ran swift as a fox through the forest, tearing branches and other bits of foliage out of her way. The sky was as dark as coal and the cold air sent chills up her spine. How long had she been running? She took a moment to catch her breath, wiping sweat from her face and brushing back strands of her red-orange hair. She looked at a tree to her left, cringing at the ugly looking face cracks in the bark made. Relax Roes, it's just a tree. Besides the Council's power can't reach this far into Wesdern forests. She shivered again, rubbing her hands up and down her bare arms. The dirt ridden cloak she wore offered little protection in the freezing cold of autumn. 

She pondered the thought of creating a fire before quickly dismissing it. A fire would attract all sorts of unwanted attention. Besides she was too tired and had little energy left within, little mana left to magically conjure up a fire. She took another deep breathe before running further into the forest, further away from her country, her city and her home. The Elements knows how long I'll be away from home. I didn't even get a chance to tell everyone I was leaving. Feelings of homesickness began to tug at her, urging her to return back to home in Norderen Rivers. She shook her head in an attempt to purge the idea from her head. I can't go back. Not after what I saw.

Suddenly she felt a dark presence envelop her, wrapping around her body like a serpent. She gasped and let out a small scream before taking off, urging herself to run faster than ever before. The shadows that had surrounded her let out a bone chilling shriek, tearing pieces of bark off several surrounding trees. She glanced back to see it take the form of an abnormally large wolf with unnatural red eyes and a large set of teeth. It snarled at her, blackish liquid dripping out of its mouth. The shadow growled before charging towards her, the wind cutting the trees as it sprinted by.

"Not good, not good!" Roes heart pounded faster and faster as the monster drew near, still wondering what she should do. She had little chance of out running the creature so using magic might be the only way to survive. However it may also be the very thing that would kill her. The creature was several footsteps away from her, more black saliva dripping out of its mouth and blood red eyes that seemed to widen as it bounded closer. Roes gulped before completely facing the creature. If she as going to die, she might as well bring the monster down with her.

Her hands began to glow an orange colour as a familiar buzzing noise rang in her ears. She could feel her arm  muscles stiffen and the veins running down to her hands seemed to bulge. The magic flowed down into her fingertips, a faint blue light danced around her fingertips until it  erupted in a magnificent explosion. The buzzing sound grew to a deafening level as a swarm of creatures in the form of burning locusts burst forth from her hands. The shadow wolf clawed and howled as it's magical attackers swarmed him, a burning pain seizing it as they dug their fangs into it's shadowy body. Then the creature let out a blood curdling howl before bursting into a large puff of blackish smoke. The Fire Bugs lingered over the area where the creature stood for several minutes until one by one they dimmed and fell to the ground, exploding into bits of ash. 

Roes smiled weakly before falling to her knees. The last thing she saw was the rising sun in the East glowing radiantly. Then it slowly began to dim, her body falling to the ground and kicking up dust as she landed face first into the soil, her vision going pitch black.

The End

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