The Fire Starters

Being a human being means that you're a member of thmaster species on Earth, that you're at the very top of the food chain, that you have no competition. That was what Samuel assumed, too. Until he discovered Savannah's secret.

Even silhouetted against the peach-coloured sunset Savannah Hull was beautiful. Samuel could hear her light laughter and see her graceful, swaying movements even from the distance he was standing away from her. The occansional turn in the right direction revealed hints of features in the fading light; her curled, shoulder-length hair, her smiling lips, thoose strikingly liquid brown eyes. He wasn't even attracted to her. It was simple fact, Savannah was incredibly beautiful.

Then he noticed all of the others standing around her. He noticed that he didn't recognise any of them. They were all laughing and gathered round in a loose, unconcerned kind of way. That wasn't what made him uncomfortable. It was the fact that she was with them. Savannah and her family were here on holiday with he and his family. She didn't, as far as he had seen,know anybody here.

He kept close to the scrubby bushes that bordered the large courtyard garden where Savannah and her loud, laughing new freinds were. The air was humid and everything felt hot. Samuel crept towards the group, not really understanding why he felt the need to hide himself and creep up on them.

Savannah had one arm loosely twisted around the neck of a tall, muscular boy, with cocoa dark skin and a tatoo that snaked up one arm, in the shape of flames. They were both laughing along with the rest of the group. Samuel stepped closer to the group, concealed behind a bush. Then the laughter stopped. Every single member of the suddenly silent group turned their heads in his direction, and inhaled deeply.

The End

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