The aftermath of the fire

The fire which killed Southend pier was the most severe of all, in fact so severe that survival was impossible.

The pier was so overwhelmed with burns, so severe, that it lost it's life  despite all the efforts of the surgical team to save it.

Many people were grief stricken by the pier's tragic death.

In fact one man was so distraught that he ripped open his chest and threw his innards out onto the pavement - his heart, lungs and other organs, all strewn on the pavement.

the sight of a man ripping himself apart made everybody feel sick, in fact, so much that they vomited - with such great force that their bodies blew up and burst, scattering all their body parts across the pavement.

Fortunately ambulances arrived on the scene and within a jiffy the medics got hold of people  who were dismembered and  torn to pieces when they blew up and burst, and re - assembled them in a surgical operation lasting four weeks.

The man who ripped his chest open had his organs restored by an ambulance surgeon and restored in an an operation lasting two days.

The End

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