A few years ago a fire devastated Southend Pier.
The fire was so fierce that the pier got so badly burnt that it suffered 100 per cent burns.
An ambulance came and took Southend Pier to hospital where it underwent an operation.
Despite all the efforts of the surgical team to save Southend pier it went into cardiac arrest and died.

The pier was so badly burnt that nothing could save it. The burns caused by the fire were so grave that Southend Pier lost it's life and died on the operating table.

The tragic death of Southend Pier touched everything in the town, even the Kursaal.
The Kursaal was so distraught that it didn't want any visitors to walk through it's doors.

One landmark of the pier that felt it really bad was of cause the pier trains.

The mayor of Southend saw the Southend pier trains crying their eyes out.
they missed the pier so much that they wanted to end it all by jumping into the sea.

In fact the trains tried to drive themselves into the sea because they couldn't face life without the pier, but were stopped by two fishermen, who pulled the trains out of the sea with a harpoon.

Southend pier is buried at a cemetery in Malcolm Gardens.

The End

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