Achille's Villa

They sat in the living room of Achilles’ villa, light came through every window, the warm breeze kept dust from settling and fresh scents from the orchard traveling around every corner. This would not have been the home she would have placed the Great Achilles.

“I never thought you would be sitting across from me,” the titan of a man laughed as he crossed his leg and reclined in his chair, “I’m not even sure if the Bishop would allow such communications,”

“That is precisely what I have come to discuss with you,” Diana reclined in her seat as well. She spread her arms across the back of the chaise lounge. Basil sat rigidly beside her, she kept her eyes low. Achille’s own Fille came and served them tea, Basil accepted the offer, but Diana declined hers.

“You think I haven’t heard about the Bishop’s plan? I would not poison you before the greatest bout ever to take place,” Achilles smiled, chipped teeth revealed a life time in the Cage. Diana still declined the offer. He nodded his servant away, as he turned his attention to Basil, eyeing the servant woman accompanying a fellow Condemned, “I’m not sure how you’ve come to trust a gift from the Bishop,”

“She hates him nearly as much as I do,” Diana leaned forward to draw his eyes back to her own. She held his gaze.

“Careful Diana, blasphemy is punishable by death,” he returned to his recline.

“I intend to change these rules,” she began, “if we refuse to fight one another, if we call a truce, or carry on our battle for far too long he will be forced to free us both. The mob loves us- both, they will be torn as to which one they want to live,”

“That’s insane,” the roll of laughter that shook his chest was like thunder, and when he reached down to pick up the petite tea cup that held the golden honey elixir, his paw knocked over the drink, he sat back as his Fille came to wipe up the spill, quick as lightening. He reclined as his servant left the room, after exchanging a glance among one another. Diana observed this and began to gaze at him once again. He returned Diana’s stare with much less amusement this time, “it will never happen Diana, there will never be a truce,  and that was the saddest beg for mercy I have ever heard.”

“You’re sure I can’t change you mind?”


Outside the villa on the road back home, Basil shared a piece of her mind, “You’re mad, you really thought that he would go for that? I have never met the man, but I could have told you he wouldn’t have. Had I known, that was what we came for I could have saved you the humility”

“I have never seen him either, and that’s why we had to come,” Diana walked eyes forward, a stillness over her that was not present in the walk over here.

“I don’t follow,”

“I needed to find an in, a weakness, something to use against him,”

“Did you?”

“I did, he’s blind in his right eye.”

The End

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