Apollo's Visit

As the sun rose Diana was walking side by side with her brother, who had recently returned from a raid in the South. Nothing down there but grain, he had told her, and old houses of worship.

“The books were burned, just like any proof that there was something greater before us?”

“As the Bishop ordered,” Diana sighed at the known response her brother had given. They walked near the wall of the city, it was about four times as tall as she, and nearly just as thick. Armed guards patrolled it at night, but when the sun came out the people were uneasy if they saw the Militia up there scouting out for incoming tribes.

“If nothing is out of the ordinary, then why did you come for me this morning?”

Apollo cast dark eyes upward, just because the people got uneasy about the Militia out during the day didn’t mean they weren’t there. He grabbed his sister gently by the arm and led her inward. Underneath the cool shadow of an oak.

“The Bishop is getting bored, he’s mocked by your refusal of him, and he is mocked by your compliance to the games,” Diana rolled her shoulder and her brother removed his hand.

“Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.” She looked to the wall, she could easily scale it, she was strong enough to pull herself over and fast enough to never be caught. Basil wasn’t. Her brother wouldn’t leave the people, he served the Bishop to better their lives, to give advice when it was his place. She was bound by these two to remain here.

“His birthday is coming, he is planning a night of the Grandest Games, you’re the finale, you wont be fighting defenseless girls, you’ll be fighting Achilles.”

Just as Diana had climbed the ladder and maintained her position at the top of all the female Condemned. The Condemned men had a champion as well.

The End

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