The World Finds Peace

When war is over, you feel victorious. When war is over, you bring your soldiers back to their homes, and let them enjoy a cold beer. When war is over, you don't worry about anything.

Not this time.

America was gone. Russia was gone. The world enconomies fell. People starved, and died. This was a world wide depression. People starved to death, because they couldn't buy food. People died because they couldn't afford the medical bill. The world was in chaos.

In a small house in England, a starving boy nearing death was talking to his father.

"Daddy, what happened to America?" the boy asked.

"Their.....Their gone now" the father responded.

"Where did they go daddy?"


"Is that where I will go when I die daddy?"

".....Yes my son......yes..." the father wiped away a tear as he talked.

"Daddy....I love you"

"I love you too son, now get to bed."

The boy fell asleep for the final time.

Eventually, the Earth became extinct of humans.

Technology cannot save a race. Our accomplishments will not matter after we are gone.

In the end, we are our own enemy. We will destroy ourselves before a natural disater does.

In the days after the final human dies...


The world finds everlasting peace.

The End

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