Russia's Last Stand

America was hit. Hard. The second h-bomb hit Washington D.C., the third, as expected, hit L.A. America was reduced to rubble. From sea to shining sea, there was ashes.

But America wasn't done. President Wilton had declared war with Russia, and launched seven h-bombs to hit central and eastern Russia.

And when the bombs hit. It was over.

Russia was wiped out. Every city, gone.

But Russia's prime minister had went into hiding. There was still one launch faculty. He called to launch everything he had left. 13 h-bombs.

They launched at once. President Wilton was in his own emergency fallout shelter. He released a statement demanding all citizens go to a neighbor with a cellar, and stay there.

The bombs eventually reached.

The ashes eventually set.

The bodies eventually decayed.

The fighting eventually stoped.

The war was over.

Two nations, destroyed not by man power.

But by iron.

The End

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