A Bird Made of Iron

The sky on that fateful morning was awesome. A bright red, mixed with orange. There was no wind, no clouds. It was perfect. It was almost a sin that the peacefulness would be spoiled by the sound of a hydrogen bomb taking off. Almost

The trajectory of the missle was set, and Fort Eden waited for a confirmation call from the President.

"Hail Mary full of grace, the lord is with you. Blessed are you amongst women.."  Kyle began to pray.

"Anyone know why they even attacked us?" Tom said.

"No, you know they don't tell us crap here." Said Jennifer.

"True, so very true."

"I didn't hear anything the past couple months about Russia - American relations. Which puts the thought in my head that they must have been planning it for years. Kind of a sick tho-" Jennifers voice was inturrupeted by the sound of a telephone ringing.

"Must be him" Tom said.

Kyle got up from his seat and approached the phone. He took one last deep breath before answering.

"Hello?.....Yes, good afternoon Mr. President.......Yes, the missle is ready to go.....Trajectory is set........The missle will hit Moscow about 30 minutes after launch........Okay.......Okay Mr. President.....Goodbye" Kyle hung up the phone and said "Launch it"

Without missing a beat, Jennifer sat down in her chair and said "Countdown from 30........29......28....27..." As Jennifer counted everyone sat and prayed. Tom wipes away a single tear running down the side of his cheek. "24.....23.....22" Kyle put his head down on the counter and silently wept "14....13....12....11" The office was dead silent, other then Jennifers low counting "6....5.....4....3.....2....1....Missle lauching."

She activated the missle from the command screen of her computer. The ground began to tremble, and Toms glass of water fell over. The crackling of the missle was gone in a matter of seconds.

"Now, we wait." Kyle said in a unstable voice.

The calmness of the Fort was gone. Everyone knew how Russia would react.

Everyone knew that Earth was in dire jeopardy.

The End

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