A Bomb in the Desert

Deep in the deserts of New Mexico there is a secret faclity. Its name is Fort Eden. The United States has been prepping the launch of its largest weapon, Macho Man, a hydrogen bomb capable of destroying more than a quarter of Russia.

Jennifer was working in the lauch facility. She was a girl from Kansas, born and raised on a farm. Her whole life she wanted to be a scientist. This is just the next best thing.

"Well, how much time you think east Russia has left?" She asked Tom, also working in the lauch center.

"Few hours, tops"

"You think? This baby's ready to go, maybe I should press it by 'accident'" She said, smiling.

"Hah! Accident is right, the whole world would come down on you"

"Your right. Say Tommy,  what do you think's gonna happen to us?"

"Well, what do you mean?" Tom asked, confused.

"To America, after we launch this thing?"

Tom began to think. He thought about his two children, only 5 and 9. Is this the kind of world he wants them to grow up in? He thought about the world he grew up in. He wanted them to live to see the day the world is at peace. He wanted them to see the good in people. But deep inside, he knew that was never going to happen.

"A hell of a lot, not just to America though. The world will fall in on itself. You can bet America and Russia will be the first to go though."

"What ever happened of all thoes top secret fallout shelters from the Cold War? They still have them?"

"I heard they got rid of em" Interrupted Kyle, the lead scientist in the operation.

"Oh Kyle! I didn't see you there!"

"Well here I am. I just got off the phone with the President. He said in one hour he will call, and order the missle be launched." Kyle said lightly.

The room grew silent.

"H-.......He has ordered it be lauched in an hour?" Tom said hastily.

"Yes......" Kyle said quietly.

Toms fears were at an all time high, and all he wanted was for his children to see peace.

But that will never be seen until the day die. And unfortunately, that day might not be far away at all.

The End

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