The Final War

The Russians have invaded the United States. Wave by wave, tank by tank, the Americans could not hold them off. The soldiers were marching in the streets. The invasion was successful. But deep in the desert of New Mexico lies a sleeping giant. A hydrogen bomb codenamed Macho Man. The invasion sparked a war fought not by people, but by metal.

" The Russians have invaded the west coast! They sailed and flew their way through and over the the Pacific. They landed in California! The United States forces are currently trying to hold off the invasion! The reason is unkown. But let it be heard! This will spark World War 3! The Cold War Part 2! We will ride this into armageddon!"

The radio talked in Henry Wests office, and it was the only one talking.

"Our own forces are beginning to struggle! The Russians have the help of the Chinese, and even our own allies might not make it in time to actually fight! The United States released a statement saying that if they cannot fight with people, they will fight with weapons! Surely they cannot do this! It will mean death to the world! We will bomb them, they will bomb us! We will get bombed by their allies, and they will get bombed by ours! Then the countries who bombed us will get bombed! And the countries who bombed them will get bombed! The world as we know it will be chaos!"

"Jesus Christ....."

"Oh my God!"

The screams echoed through the office.

Rick Kull, the CEO of the company, issued a statement to all employees saying to take the rest of the week off, with pay. Most of them were to afraid to even leave the office. The invasion was quickly coming from all directions.

America was on the brink of World War III.

The End

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