The Final Push...Mature

Things rarely go according to plan, especially when its the end of the world.


Chapter 1: Tomorrow Never Comes. 

My father was never one for story telling. Every night it was the same, “George Samuel Moore go to sleep for heaven sakes.” I guess I must have inherited that trait from him. I was horrendous at story telling, I hated telling my son stories to make him go to bed. His mother was always better than that. His mother was so beautiful. I met her at university. She sat across the table, her blonde hair covering her beautiful face, her glasses outlining her sharp blue eyes. She was always brighter than me; she had such a wonderful sense of humour. I loved her. Every night when we laid in bed, I couldn’t sleep, because right next to me laid the woman of my dreams. I would stare at her for hours, I didn’t care that I had work in the morning; I just wanted to watch over her. She always had a smile, even in her sleep, like she knew how safe she was, like she knew how… perfect she was.

            The alarm was ringing, it was 05:00, I had to be out the door in half an hour and straight to work, digging a hole to the centre of the Earth. It was a preposterous idea, but I knew I had to do it. Just to keep my family in the stability it was already in. This job would get me £500,000; enough to keep me and my family going for another few years. Alex was always so uninterested by money, even when we were low on the cash she’d always say “We’ll scrape by George, I’ll work extra hours at the pub.” I knew that we couldn’t keep living like that; I just wanted Alex to be happy, I loved her so much.

            I put my shirt on and watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful, normally I would wake her up to say goodbye, but I didn’t want to. Not today. I lent over the bed and kissed her lightly on the cheek, she stirred slightly, then fell back to sleep. I tucked the quilt back into the bed, then left the room. I could hear Michael snoring in his room; I poked my head round his door and smiled. He was sound asleep. He was so like his mother, he always wore a smile, even in his sleep. He awoke at the creek of his door.


‘Hey kiddo. Go back to sleep.’

‘Daddy, don’t go to work today.’

‘I’ve got to Michael, me and mummy need the money.’

‘Please daddy.’

‘What’s wrong Michael?’

‘What if something bad happens?’

‘Don’t be silly Michael I’ll be home in time for dinner, I promise.’

I smiled at him, and he smiled weakly back. You could see in his eyes how much he didn’t want me to go into work but I had to. He knew we needed the money. Heck. I knew we needed the money, and if Alex had to work another late shift at the pub just to help us scrape by I think she may just end up in hospital. She hadn’t been eating properly, or sleeping properly. She was so pale these days, and even though you could tell she was worn out, she never stopped being herself.  I closed the door to Michael’s room and quietly snuck down the stairs into the kitchen. I looked at my watch. 05:15. I stuck the kettle on and stared into space. I was thinking ‘what if it all goes wrong? We’re digging into the centre of the earth from the middle of the sea, and the only thing holding those oceans back, are man made dams.’  Ever since my wife mentioned it, it had been playing on my mind. Anything could happen. Absolutely anything. But I promised I’d be safe. I wasn’t going to work in the ocean; I was going to be safe, in an office, directing the dig. The only reason I would be digging is if something happened and the dig got messed up somehow. I made my coffee and downed it; I had to be out of the door in 5 minutes and straight to work. 

I crept quietly to the car, and made my way to work, the thick fog blinding me slightly. Stupid British weather, why can't you just be sunny for once. After about an hours drive I managed to make it to the office. Adam was already there, he was in charge of the whole cruddy idea. I poured myself another coffee and went to sit myself down, but he interrupted me.

"Today we're not sitting in the office, they need more men manning the drill. And the boss says your up today George, you're on a team with  Sam, Karl and Ashley. Go on grab your coats, the truck is waiting outside to take you."

I knew I should've quit this stinking job. Alexa kept telling me to quit but I never listened did I. I grabbed my coat and made my way to the truck, the windows were blacked out, and the fog was getting thicker by the minute. When we arrived at the drill, the sea was crashing violently against the dams. I didn't really want to be in the drill, but it was my job, and I couldn't just quit now. Hours later and we were all fine, we'd managed to dig quite deep into the earths core, one final push and we reckoned we were in. There was a loud creek, as if something was bending... as if something was breaking... we let go of the leavers and looked towards the dams, the water was seeping in, the waves were getting bigger, and with one final push, both dams broke. The water smashed against the sides of the drill and before we knew it, we were falling into the abyss below.

The End

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