The Story Of Seat 5F

Mommy said I had to be good and go visit Daddy. I think I'm getting a bit too old to be calling them "Mommy" and "Daddy" but it's hard to remember that sometimes.

Especially when I'm scared.

Mom(my) combed my hair - she yanked too hard like she always does when she's thinking about Dad(dy) - but she put in my favourite barrettes so it was ok. We were early to the airport, but everyone was really nice. I got to see the cockpit and everything! Even got a little pin of tiny wings just like real pilots, not that I want to be a pilot. And I got to have Coke. Mom(my) never lets me have Coke.

But something happened. I know something went wrong. Everyone is so upset and I don't know why. I pushed the button the nice woman said to push if I had any questions, but she didn't come. I looked around the seat, but I could see her further back hugging one of the other women in the shirts and skirts. They wear ties, which I think is a little silly, but I guess it's a uniform.

I didn't want to go visit Dad(dy). Mommy said I had to. It's all his fault.

I just want some ice cream. Ice cream makes everything better.

Why wouldn't Mommy let me bring Ferdinand (he's my stuffed bear) on the flight with me? Ok, so it was me saying I was too grown-up to bring him, but why did she listen to me?

I feel tears start brimming in my eyes, but I fight really hard not to cry. I'm too big to cry. Although there are lots of the grown-ups crying. So maybe it's ok. I know my lower lip is quivering, and I bite it to stop it but I can't help it.

Can't I go home?

This isn't like in the movies. It's scary. I wish I could fast-forward to the part where we all get rescued.

But things will be ok, right? Because that's what they always tell you at the beginning. That's what the card in the pocket in front of me says. We'll have an emergency landing and we'll have to get out and someone will come rescue us.

That's what's supposed to happen.

But that little voice inside me, the one that I think sounds like a little(r) kid than me, it keeps asking if that is really going to happen. Will we really be ok? And why isn't Mommy here, or even Daddy?

They both promised it would be ok. And they wouldn't lie to me.

So it is just going to have to be ok.

Please let it be ok. I'll be good, I promise. I didn't mean to pull Jennifer's hair, and I'm sorry I stole that gum from the store. I won't even talk back to Daddy's girlfriend when she treats me like I'm four. Just please, please, let it all be ok.

I miss Mommy.

I hope Ferdinand is ok. He'll be scared without me.


The End

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