Seat #62

I don't like the airy-plane no more,Mummy.  I want to get off. 

Mummy, why is your face all white?

Why is the airy-plane not making no noise?  Why was that lady next to us screaming, Mummy?  Did she see a mouse, like the lady did in Tomanjerry?  Can we watch Tomanjerry on the airy-plane TV now?

Why did Daddy be sick before?  Did he eat too many sweeties and make his tummy sore? 

Mummy. why is that man over there crying?  Why is that lady laughing like that?  Did she hear a funny joke?

Who's that man who keeps shouting?  What does ''sue the airline'' mean?''

Why do I have to be quiet?  Is it because that lady is saying a prayer?

Mummy, are we nearly there, yet?

The End

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