The Final GoodbyeMature

A hard broken man decides that the pain in his heart from not being with his true love is just too much.

He watched the sea below him roar and growl like a caged beast waiting to be fed it`s daily scraps. It`s scything claw like waves flew high into the air towards him, desperately reaching for his stationary form. Each time, the waves got closer and closer to where he was standing, until he could even feel the spray from below hit his face like some form of un-natural, gravity defying rain. However, that was as close as the waves ever got before they receded, readying itself for another attempt. The man chuckled to himself and shook his head. There was no need for the sea to try and claim him in this way when he would be joining it rather soon.  

Turning away from the raging water in front of him, he knelt down to check that bag he had packed contained everything that he was going to need. Searching through the copious amounts of rocks and stones he had poured into the bag earlier that day, he pulled out a battered and scratched picture frame with a crumpled and ripped picture inside it. On the picture he could see a group of four school pupils standing together happily laughing and pointing at the person who was taking the image. Sighing to himself, he hoisted the heavy backpack onto his shoulders grimacing with the strain of all those heavy rocks pulling on his back.

Looking back at the scratched picture frame held in his hands, he gently raised it up to his forehead and closed his eyes, remembering the day from that picture where he had stood alongside her whilst the picture was taken and everyday afterwards where they were both together for a multitude of different occasions. He remembered that at each of those occasions the temptation to tell her how he had felt had been unbearable and he remembered how he had cried in the privacy of his own home when he had finally realized that he would never be able to tell her.

Opening his eyes gradually, he gently kissed the picture and slotted it into his large coat pocket, zipping it closed as he did so to stop anymore rain getting into his pocket. Slowly turning back towards the edge of the cliff,  he breathed in deeply, allowing the air to fill his lungs completely before slowly letting it out again. Looking at the dull metal watch on his wrist, he just managed to make out the time. 1:15 in the Morning. She wouldn`t even see the letter he`d posted through her door until it was much too late for her to do anything. That was how he wanted this to be. He didn`t want anyone to stop him this time. 

Closing his eyes for the last time, he took a deep breath and gently touched the pocket with the picture inside it. Whispering the words "Goodbye my love." with such softness that it could barely be heard over the sound of the sea below him, he stepped off the cliff and into Oblivion`s cold embrace.

The End

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