The Final GoodbyeMature

A love story in reverse.

He clasped her hands and he said goodbye.

The hands washed themselves in the fish bowl. The fish will soon be dead. But they did not matter. The fish never matter. Golden and cute. 20 years of swimming in circles, and a myth of 3-second memory spans, has left them with little credibility.

A knife sits on the table by the fish bowl. Its sharp with a titanium blade and a wooden handle. Wood allows for a good grip and is warm to the skin. The blade is not clean. It has a thin film of red. Unwashed, it lies next to the fish bowl. The fish do not care. They never seem to care.

The thin film of red glistens. Ruby red. Red is the colour of love. It is also the color of anger and passion. All emotions that stir the blood. Blood is thicker than water, yet it takes just as long to dry up. Wooden floors need to be washed with cold water so the blood doesn't leave stains.

Blood is an integral part of Maligno art. Black, white and red combine to depict slaughter and brutal killings. Death of defenseless innocents by Demons. Death is associated with the color red in many cultures.

And so is the heart.

Death takes only about a minute if the aorta, near the heart, is stabbed. The stabbing instrument when removed, leads to hemorrhage of the wound and blood flows out. Blood that slowly collects on the warm wooden floor.

A puddle on the ground. He steps on it. He slips. His hands find the empty air. His head meets the fish bowl. The fish are oblivious to it till they are thrown out, where they slowly drown in the air. A slow death. They lie in the red water, trembling next to two inert bodies,  that shall succumb to rigor mortis in 3 hours.

Blood oozes from his head. Puddle of blood near her heart. The warm bloody water gently combine the two.

Never say goodbye when you have blood on your hands.

The End

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