The Dandy comic is going out of print because it is old and frail.
Don't forget that the Dandy is 75 years old. Because of this it can't stand the strain of anybody reading it.
Once, when someone read the Dandy it had a nasty fall and had to be rushed to hospital.
Apparently the comic fell out of the reader's hand and crashed down to the floor with a bang.

One of the characters, Korky the Cat fell out of the comic when it dropped on the floor and had to be rushed to hospital, where he underwent a 10 hour operation.
He was told that it would be two years before he could return to the Dandy, but would have to be strapped in to prevent him from falling out of the comic should it ever have a nasty fall again.

Even Desperate Dan didn't escape injury when the Dandy fell onto the floor.
The top of his head came off and had to be stitched back on in Cactusville Dandy Comics hospital.

Surgeons had to put Desperate Dan's brain back into his head after it fell out when the top of his head came off when the Dandy had a nasty fall, brought on by old age.
He was warned by doctors not to eat cow pie for five years because of the danger that his head could swell up and burst.

The Dandy is now in a nursing home in Cactusville.

The End

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