The Final countdown

 He had been traveling for almost a week. Quazzar was now a full warlock, having passed his warlock final exam only hours after Alzhazar sowed  part of her life force into Quazzar. Quazzar now had one mission, to stop Jautezza from harnessing the powers of  STUEPID and destroying the world. Quazzar wondered if he was doing this quest for the right reasons. From the moment Alzhazar located Jautezza with her tracking spell in New York city, He wanted to destroy her right there and then. But if he was only doing it to gain the love and joy of people around the world , what good was he? No matter how hard he tried, Quazzar still couldn't see the point of it all. He needed to find a reason to care. As Quazzar continued to journey through the New jersey high way, he looked up at the night sky. The planets were about to align at any moment.

" The end is near." Quazzar said to himself.

Quazzar's thoughts were suddenly cut short when a titanic airship flew over him. Following the ship was an army of flying foxes , all armed to the teeth. They were headed straight for New York.  As if that wasn't bad enough, a wave of STUEPID came over the earth, as the planets finally began to align. people felt an urge to text while driving, or post stupid things on twitter. 

"People of earth!" boomed Jautezza, who was perched on the top of the airship, "I am your ruler, your master! I will raze this city you know and love, I will enslave your minds to me, and then I will destroy this planet a thousand times over! Bow before your Padishah,  for I am your Sultan, I am your Praetor, I am the PHOENIX QUEEN!!!"

Quazzar was horrified to find drivers leaping out of their cars ( who probably didn't know what a Padishah, Sultan, or Praetor was) and bowing down to the airship.

" It must be the magnified STEUPID powers," Quazzar thought, " she has to be stopped. People can't be slaves like this! They deserve to live a life."

Armed with his new reason for caring, Quazzar used a levitate spell to fly to the airship and defeat this crazy fox.


The battle was not going as well as Quazzar had hoped. After his training with Alzhazar he learned a bunch of cool stuff like how to shoot lightning out of his hands, and shoot fire out of his mouth. But he was not prepared for fighting Jauntezza. After she nearly burned down all of New Jersey with a single blast, Jautezza hurt Quazzar by simply looking in his direction. Her entire body was know pure STEUPID energy, and she was quickly draining Quazzar's reasoning. The attacks were becoming to much for Quazzar, and he roled up in a ball of limestone and hid. Jautezza saw him do that and cackled as she threw wave after wave of energy at the ball.

" You are weak, just like the rest of your people!"she screamed, ' They did not deserve to live in this world, in my world! Prepare to join them, prepare to DIE!

And with that cherry speech, Quazzar punched his hand from the limestone, and performed possibly the most deadly, most vile act of magic within this eon. He turned Jauntezza into a potato.

The End

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