The theme and motives

Miranda's Mom's ankle has healed, but all but Miranda has gotten the flu and is sick to the point of near death. The wood stove they have in the sun room has back fired and smoke filled the house. But luckily Miranda opened windows and takes care of the smoke before they all died. But Miranda could have left them all to die but she didn't. They she had a weird dream about her Dad. So she went to the post office and almost died. But she came home with food.

    I really appreciate how Miranda never gave up, she is like my hero when it comes to this book. She always stuck by her family. So she is stronger than anyone else in the book that we know of. She even got inspired from a flyer blowing in the wind, and because of that she was able to get food for her family. She shows what real strength is like, the ability to push limits. I think her strength is a theme is the book.

    I like how Miranda saved her family simply because she couldn't live without them. Even though she would never have privacy with them around. She saved them she couldn't let them die.

The End

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