The Final Act

Just a short story about some pretty big things

I had told myself that I shouldn't be there.

I knew it in my heart of hearts but I went anyway. I stood on the brink and watched, my morbid curiosity getting the better of me. I stood on the sand, waiting for something to happen.

It was a bit like I was in the waiting room at the Dentist's or the Doctor's - you're slightly apprehensive of what's about to come. But that's where the similarity ends because I knew that I wouldn't feel any better afterwards.

It was slightly like I was at the cinema, just before they show the film, sitting there, gorging myself on popcorn. Actually, it was more like waiting for a fireworks display to go off, feeling slightly cold and worried that it wouldn't quite be as good as you hoped for.

But now I'm rambling.

There I was, stood on the precipice of safety, waiting for the world to end. I was the only one who had dared to come out and watch it happen, still not really sure why. I expected grand explosions, bangs and flashes as the planet that had been my home was ripped apart. Instead I got the cries of the dying - the people we couldn't save. It was really like those disaster movies - only a select few were saved. I was one of them, due to my skill not my wallet.

I covered my ears as shots rang out in the distance. As my brain calculated the probability that they were only warning shots, I saw something that shocked me to my core.

There was a young woman knocking on our protective bubble. She looked straight at me and mouthed two words. "Help me."

I stood there, knowing that I had made such a huge mistake. I simply shook my head - I couldn't help her, no matter how much I wanted to.

She didn't take it terribly well. I watched her descend into a fury, smashing her fists against the barrier between us. Along with the occasional kick, she was shouting and screaming. There was nothing I could do but her anger escalated until it became too much for me.


That woman haunted me. Every night I would wake up and still see her face.

She haunted my dreams. My nightmares. And that was it, wasn't it?

The End

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