2: Fighting Stuff

     Mentally Anonda divided the subject of her martial training into two categories.  The fighting stuff and the thinking stuff.  Tonight’s session was primarily the former, which suited Anonda tremendously.  As a child on the streets of the middle city she had excelled in fist fights.  Aside from making a living off her winnings she got a vague sense of pleasure from the dull ache of her knuckles after a fight. 

     Fighting was the only thing she had ever been recognized for and it felt good to do something well.  If her mind was not occupied with thinking exercises, like when Father Geoffrey instructed her to turn an inward eye upon herself and study her physical form, she got a chance to converse with her mentor. 

     With each kick aggression towards Nin Lorrey accumulated at the fore front of her mind.  It was more than just her overbearing care taker Anonda began to realize, it was the Nin in general that caused her so much irritation.  She tumbled across the wide open layout of the room, her frustrated thoughts uncomfortably jostling around her head.

     With cat-like grace she righted herself into a fighting stance, dark shoulder length hair tousled from rolling along the clean swept floors.  Father Geoffrey stood tall with his tanned forearms folded across his barrel of a chest.  The sleeves of his brown robe were bunched around his bulging biceps as usual as he gazed at his pupil.  Anonda was dwarfed by his size but that didn’t prevent the Father from holding back while sparring with the girl. 

  She readied herself to be grappled by him.  She had ascertained from experience that her mentor would take such an opportunity to engage her in mock combat and his expression was more grim than his usual good natured-ness towards her.  “Again” he commanded in a booming voice.  Dutifully Anonda launched into her tumbling sequence.

     Righting herself from a backwards somersault she felt pressure applied behind her knees causing her to loose balance returning to the ground.  Father Geoffrey had timed his attack well but Anonda wasn’t fazed.  She scissored her legs preventing another blow from her assailant.  The short appendages mimicked her attacker’s tactics, wrapping around behind his knees and bringing him down to her level.

The End

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