1: Rebuke

     Despite her rebuke Anonda took a proper stance to address Nin Lorrey.  Her right heel slid into the arch of her left resembling the character for Rahn ‘their strong foundation’.  Her diamond shaped hands placed in front of her body, the symbol of Trasque ‘Our loving protector’.  “How long have you been in the convent Anonda?  Seven years?”  “Five” The girl corrected.  “Nin Lorrey.”  She added respectfully in an effort to quell the Nin’s annoyance with her.

     “In five years you should have learnt the basic behaviours of the Ninitah.  I will oversee your nights prayers to make sure you haven’t fallen behind in your devotions.  You may go; I won’t have any charge of mine late for their studies.  Tril knows you need the positive influence of the scriptures.” 

     Anonda didn’t bother to defend herself this time.  She had learnt to choose her battles and Nin Lorrey, no matter how difficult she tried to make her life, was of no real consequence when she would be spending nearly all of her day’s time under the watchful eye of Father Geoffrey and not a second rank healer Nin.

     Still the girl found her superior aggravating.  She respectfully bowed her head chin to chest and folded her arms parallel on top of one another in honor of Tril ‘Keeper of our future paths’.  She whispered under her breath “I’m not a Nin” before running towards the monastery.

The End

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