1: Reverance

     Anonda didn’t have time to discern much more about the girl before she along with the Father and Mother had exited the Alter House.  Soon the orderly lines of Monk and Nin dispersed and the pristine white, teal trimmed sleeves of a Nin were reaching towards Anonda.  “What have you done to your hands?  Are you so lacking in reverence that you cannot wash before entering the presence of the Alter?”

     The older Nin dropped Anonda’s hands that she had firmly grasped to inspect.  The thirteen year old girl assembled her hands making the shape of a diamond with the space between them as was fitting for younger members of the Alter to display in the presence of older Nin.  “No, Nin Lorrey.  Father Geoffrey . . .”

     She was unable to finish her excuse as a foot shot out from beneath a long skirt.  Instinctively Anonda took a defensive pose; feet spread apart, hands balled into fists.  “Father Geoffrey didn’t teach you how to properly address an elder?”  Anonda relaxed her stance “Father Geoffrey teaches me what he deems important.”

The End

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