1: Nin

      She noticed the Mother glance at her as she passed.  No other person could make Anonda feel more insignificant than the matriarch of the convent.  She willed her eyes to stay down towards the floor, again wishing her hands had been clean.  When only the tail of the Mother’s head covering could be seen from the corner of her eye she dared to glance in her direction. 

     A young Nin was following in the Mother’s path down the center aisle of the alter house.  Spending all her waking hours away from the Abbey Anonda knew few of the Nin in residence.  She did however know that those sworn to Alter had been dwindling in number.  Similarly the congregation that met within the monasteries cathedral on the day of Rahn was now so pitiable as to leave the edifice feeling cavernous and empty on their meetings.

     Few Nin and fewer Monks were found in residence under the age of reason.   Fewer followers of the Alter dictated that nearly no parents were willing to dedicate their children to orders of Monk or Ninitah.  A lack of Alter supporters meant the monasteries and convents were unable to take in the orphaned or destitute.  Yet this rare girl was akin to Anonda’s own tender age of thirteen by appearance and apparently of a certain significance to be trailing in the footsteps of the Mother.

The End

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