1: Devotions

     Nin Lorrey had lived her life in the abbey. Anonda had only been at the monastery for five years.  It had seemed like longer though; the monastery was her life now and it seemed as if she had always been here.  Her days were full and consistent.  The daily schedule inside the monastery consisted of a strict practice of devotions, meals and chores with a daily dose of studying religious texts.  For Anonda the routine deviated after the evening meal when she attended martial training before prayers and bed. 

     It had been that way ever since she had arrived at the monastery at the age of eight.  She tried to bring her consciousness back to the devotions; she could hear Father Geoffrey chanting.  Her hands were growing incredibly uncomfortable pressed between the hard floor and her knees, bearing the pressure of her entire body weight.  She focused her attention on Father Geoffrey’s voice.  Her head was bowed in devotion but she wasn’t thinking of the Gods, she was channeling the pressure from her hands throughout the rest of her body so the pain would be less noticeable. 

     In her martial training Father Geoffrey had taught her to become aware of her body; to heal her own wounds with the very power of her mind, willing the flesh to knit itself back together.   If only she could will the filth to leave her hands.  Anonda was aware of her privilege, being saved from the streets to live inside the monastery walls.  Father Geoffrey had found her and appealed to the members of the High Alter to let her stay with him.  His request was granted but under the condition that she was in the care of the Ninitah. 

The End

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