The Fighting Bell

Anonda's life is an unconventional one, being brought up as a monk despite her gender and confused heritage. She will do anything to help her mentor and savior father Geoffrey but the lines of truth become clouded along her journey. Her violet eyes always marked her as different but their true meaning will soon reveal itself.

  Chapter 1

  The bells rang for midday devotions, her hands filthy with oil from greasing the gears of the great watermill that powered the whole of the monastery.  The girl wiped her hands best she could on some nearby weeds and ran in the direction of the altar house.  If she were late Father Geoffrey and Nin Lorrey would be incredibly disappointed and worse they’d most likely double her chores.  

     She reached the altar house just in time with the last bell’s chime and silently kneeled at the back of the room.  Her hands were still filthy, covered in black oil mixed with dust and dirt to make an offensive looking mud caked between her digits and underneath her fingernails.  From the corner of her eye Anonda could see Nin Lorrey across the way, kneeling with her hands pressed in the shape of a diamond against the ground, eyes closed in devotional prayer. 

     The girl wished she’d have stopped her work a bit earlier to have time to wash her hands; she wasn’t sure which offense Nin Lorrey would be more upset by, tardiness or uncleanliness.  She tried to hide her hands under her knees.  The Ninitah was  always keeping an eye on Anonda, too close if you’d asked her, in fact Anonda thought that she must have taken her place at the back of the altar house just to be able to catch her when she came in.  The young woman of the abbey was always expecting the worst from the girl and for once Anonda would have liked to prove her wrong. 

The End

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