Chapter three-SchoolMature


"What do you think you're doing?" He just about yells at me,trying to scare me but only succeeding in scaring the twins. I start to laugh and the twins start to cry. 

"Look what you did now,Dad." I answer him sarcastically and grab my food. He starts to yell that I'm going to be late, all the while his face is turning red at the insult. I turn and leave the room and start to run to catch the bus when I realize the time.

You better be there Julian or I am going to kill you!

I get to the end of my driveway a few minutes before the bus shows up and put my headphones in, effectively tuning out the world. Then a rock rolls up to my feet. 

What the?

Now one hits my shoe. I turn to see who's doing that and no one is behind me. I take my headphones out to see if I can hear anything and all I hear re the annoyingly happy birds chirping. I turn back to the road and this time a stick snaps behind me. I whirl around and scream as someone is behind me in a mask. The person behind the mask starts to laugh and I know who it is.


"Not funny Julian!" I say as I start to laugh as well, seeing as he is rolling around on the ground. "So funny. You should have seen your face." He gets up and tries to mock my face, only succeeding in making himself laugh again. I roll my eyes and the bus rolls up. We get on and I tune out the world for another school day.

School is terrible. As usual I am being made fun of. I try my best to tune them out but I can't ignore everyone. Julian is the only one who stands up for me. Then one particularly bad one comes flying at me. 

Not her,please no, don't talk about my family.

"Hey pig girl! Wanna come over and muck my stalls for me? I can't get dirty today, I have a big family dinner coming. Oh, wait do you have any plans?" I shake my head while looking at the ground. "Well, of course you don't, you don't have any family. I mean your dad left and your mom is crazy. It's probably all your fault though right?" I turn and start to run away.

"Stay away from her, you hear? She's done nothing to deserve being treated like that!" I hear Julian yell and that makes me finally break down and cry as I run into the school. I turn into the computer lab and hide under the counters to cry. I hear Julian come in.

Leave me alone.

The End

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