Chapter two-Real worldMature

So this is how it started.

It's October 12,2036 and of course I sleep in. It's 8:30 am by the time I wake up but I don't wake up on my own,my mom is screaming at me through my door. I groan and look up at my ceiling. It's white under all the picture I've taped up there, mostly of Julian and I but a few are of fairy tale creatures.

I know weird,right? A sixteen year old with fairy tale creatures on her ceiling. Try not to laugh that much.

I'm really into that kind of stuff. I'm still laying under my huge comforter, it has a huge star pattern on it. Julian gave it to me last year for my birthday and it has his name sewed on the bottom of it, I guess as a reminder of him. My room is covered in books,picture and clothing. It's gross.

Man, I really need to clean my room. My mom is going to be pissed if she sees this mess.

The walls are purple and blue.

My favorite colors.

But you can't really see them since I've covered them in posters and picture. It kind of smells like lavender and pizza in here, which is a good mix. I sigh and roll out of bed, shuffling to my closet. It's just as messy as the rest of my room. I stand there for a minute, debating on what to wear and decide on my regular outfit despite today being my birthday.

Worst day of my life and my moms, if you ask her.

Black sweater, black skinny jeans, black tight fitting shirt, black knee-high socks and black knee-high plain boots. 

I'm very monotone but hey, do whatever works right?

I grab my forbidden iPod (black as well) and my headphones (black too) as I run out my door. My mom is still on the other side of my door, screaming that I'm going to be late for the bus and miss it.

Oh, the terror.

I hide my iPod in my black backpack and jog to the kitchen to get my usual breakfast of an apple and bacon. Step-monster is sitting at the table with the twins. He opens his mouth to speak.




The End

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