Chapter 1-ConfessionMature

I guess I should tell you about me and where I'm from before telling you the story of what happened to me. You know what? Being shallow sucks. Just hope that you aren't shallow enough that nothing and  mean nothing is true. I know a lot of people like that in my extremely small town of 201 people. I live in East Point, Alabama, home of the most farmers ever. Most people are so shallow here that they don't even work on their own farms, they need to hire my family and Julian's (my best friend) family to work on their farms. The poor babies don't want to get dirty, then why own a farm? I don't understand people.

My name is Serena Williams and my best friend's name is Julian Sanders. We're both fifteen and I've known him for about three years now. I moved here three years ago and met Julian a few weeks later since I'm very unsocial. Julian has lived here his entire life. I feel so bad for him even though he seems to love it here, he loves working on other people's farms. I've never met his family because they are rarely ever home and I've never been to his home but he comes over all the time.

I live with my mom,my stepdad and my two little siblings. My mom's name is Erykah Podobinsky and my stepdad is Andrew Podobinsky. He's a pig farmer and he takes care of the pigs even though they should be taking care of him. He's disgusting. He made my mom move us here. To the middle of nowhere. So he can raise his pigs.

I feel bad for my mom since she has to raise not only me and my younger siblings but also my stepdad. He's the cause of my siblings, Aidan and Nadia, my life would not suffer if they magically disappeared one day. Because of them, my mom totally forgets about me even when I'm standing in front of her.

She lets the pigs in the house but not my german shepherd, Tiny. Apparently he's too dangerous for little kids even though he's the sweetest dog ever. My stepdad is really mean, he won't let me have a cell phone or a laptop. He says we can use the landline and the family computer which is a thousand years old. I can't use the landline when I call Julian since I rant about my insufferable parents most of the time.

That about brings you up to speed about me even though there awesome things I would like to keep to myself for now, at least until I know I can trust you.

The End

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