Serena Millers,a 15 year-old pig farmer and her best friend Julian Sanders,a 15 year-old writer are thrown into a new life filled with chaos after someone important to them is ripped away.

I wake up to a blinding light and laughter.Hysterical laughter,you know, the crazy guy laugh you hear in the horror movies.It sound really close,like right behind me.I can't see anything because of the light but it smells bad.Like someone had died in here.

Oh my god!Why did I just think that?Oh god,oh god,oh god.Where am I?Someone help me!

I try to move my head but I can't,it almost feels like my head is strapped down.I try to move my hands now and nothing,can't move those either.I open my eyes and succeed in only getting some liquid in my eyes.

Oh god is that blood?Why am I bleeding?What is happening to me?

My conscious is going crazy,yelling at me like this is my fault.I start to struggle and hear the laughter stop.

Oh no,no,no,no,no.Keep laughing,ignore me!

Suddenly the light moves and I can see,not very well,but I can see.I see a face and its not a pretty face.Its covered in scars.


I think about them.My family,I can't leave them like this.They need me,even if the don't like me.This can't be happening.I am so sorry Julian.Aidan,Nadia,I hate you,no I don't,I love you even though I don't like you.I can't help myself.I didn't even get the chance to finish my homework before this happened.This isn't right.

What happened to you man?Why is yours face covered in scars?Why are you doing this to me?

I can't help it,I scream and everything goes black.

The End

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