The fight

Nevile, our hero found out that the man who framed him is his father. Now he is going to fight him.

"So", said Jerel Tempt, "will you let me go, join me or not?" This was one of the biggest decisions Nevile had ever faced - especially from his father!

"I would let him go since he's your father- but he's also the one who got us in this mess!" hissed Frank the demon.

The sword replied, "At last we finally agree on something! I mean joining him is out of the question! Right Nevile?"

'Right', Nevile thought to them. 'He also abandoned me! I've made my decision. It's time for you to pay!"

At moment Nevile made the right decision and realized he didn't have to do anything he didn't feel was right, Frank was transfered to inside the sword after a super dim green glow, unseeable to the naked eye. "Very well," said the criminal, "prepare to die by my fist!" Nevile dropped his sword and charged head first, throwing a wicked left hook. Jerel dodged and countered with his right foot. In no time, there was a epic fist fight on their hands. Matching blow for blow, their attacks keeping them neck at neck until Nevile faked an attack and then did a unseen punch to his parent's face. "Looks like I knocked you out old man!" he said, "Right Frank? Um, Frank? What about sword?" he walked over to the sword and picked it up.

Suddenly a burst of angry shouting filled his head- "WHY THE **** DID I GET SEALED IN THIS ******* SWORD?! I MEAN-LOOK AT THIS! I HATE THE SPIRIT IN THIS GOD-**** SWORD!!!!!!! OH THE IRONY!!"

The spirit said, "Calm down, calm down...." in a fearful voice. "Um... what did I do?" asked a confused Nevile. "Somehow you transferred Frank in my home and now he's trapped here."


"Yeah..." replied the spirit. "By the way, did you get your father?"

Nevile said that he was knocked out.

"Got rope?"

Nevile said, "Yeah, right here!"

"Tie him up and drag him home."

"Ok," replied Nevile.

The End

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