Chapter Twenty Five: The Fifth HorsemanMature

Chapter Twenty Five: The Fifth Horseman

Darkness surrounded and enveloped me. It wrapped me up warm like a hat, scarf, gloves and coat. All it did was protect me, help me, and guide me. To unwelcome trespassers, this was my veil. They suffered in blindness while I prospered, able to see in the darkness as well as in any light. This was where I belonged. Nowhere else accepted me as well as here. There was nowhere else as nice, as protected or as warm as here.

There was no silence. The occasional tapping of horses’ hooves and strapped, distressed whinnying of the well-trained horses broke it. They stood on either side of me, these four creations of mine. They did not need to be tamed, since they were my own creations. They obeyed my every command, usually without me having to even speak them.

Beside each of the horses were my four colleagues. They did what they were told and had done for all the millennia they’d been with me. There was not a thing they would not do for me. I had tested their loyalty to me many times over and each and every time, they had succeeded.

At first, I had to win their trust. After I picked all of them up, about a year or so apart, I promised them great things. The courage and determination that I instilled into them is exactly what I wanted to drive them on. I wanted them to know I was in charge and that equally they were all important to me. I also made it very clear that I could drop them immediately if they weren’t adequate, or up to the tasks I set them. There were always going to be other people I could choose to replace them and I made sure they knew that.

With these requirements in place, none of them ever rebelled or played up. They all just wanted what I had promised them: a fourth of the entire world to rule over in whatever way they saw fit. They would have their dream eventually and they knew that. We had waited since the beginning of time to reach our goal, and all through that time, they had been patient. Now, as they realised how tantalisingly close they were to their final dream, their patience was wearing thin. They were restless, eager to get a piece of the action, yet bound by my rules not to attack anything unless I said so, to cause no more damage than I instructed.

I could tell that in a way, they resented me. They were here because they wanted power. What they wanted could only be given by me and therefore, they would to do as I said to live their extremely lengthened lives by my rules.

In the darkness that surrounded me, I waited. I had waited all my life for this time, for these moments. This event would install power to me and let me have my time. I was owed time. Now, was when I would be given what I was owed. My time was now, and there was no way I was going to let some scrawny young children win. There was not a thing that made me happier than to raise their hopes, letting them think that they had won against me, before making them watch as I pulled the plug on their stupid, worthless dreams.

I knew the next few hours were essential. It would be such a shame that I had to work during them, but I would try to make time to see them suffer. After all, who did you really think I was? Some do-good hero? 

The End

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