Chapter Five: The ApocalypseMature

Chapter Five: The Apocalypse

Azure blue, crystal clear skies filled the view beyond the horizon. Tall, sharp buildings blocked the view of nature and uneven, bumpy natural outlines that stood tall and pleasing. Innocent, unknowing, condemned people walked leisurely around the square, unaware to any abnormality or oncoming evil. A slight breeze ruffled hair and outfits of shoppers casually strolling down the narrow alleys and cobbled, little streets.

Abruptly, the once calm sapphire skies turned to thick, suffocating, blood red crimson. Grey clouds rolled into view, obscuring the formerly clear scene. Darkness loomed over the whole sky balled into one mass of hidden secrets and terror. Light simply ceased to be on this sad, lonely and doomed planet. There was no gradually, no time to plan an escape, or even to blink before the fate and destiny of the world was changed for the worse. There was nothing that the inhabitants of this ill-fated little sphere could do to stop the lines of their time being torn to shreds before their very eyes.

As people started to get over the initial confusion, the earthquakes began. Ground shook harder than it had ever before, only this time it was not from natural causes. The whole world rocked as one, crumbling civilizations and empires built up over centuries of toil and sweat. Nothing could stop the evil force that was sweeping unseen through the streets of the world.

Blind panic spread through the crowds of people in the paved, petite streets in the town of interest. Screams filled the sir like a chorus of banshees, damned never to see the light of day again. Trepidation spread through the unseeing crowds that were huddled in the corners of lanes.

Buildings groaned and wailed like the people, threatening to crumple into the dust at a moment’s notice. Electricity forced a way of escape from its circuits, blowing out almost all the lights. Barely a single ray of light, artificial or natural shone anywhere. There was not complete darkness, rather, an ominous gloom over the whole proceeding. Not a sole person used their logic for a moment, stopped screaming and moved out of any immediate danger, such as falling buildings. Everyone was rendered incapable of movement or even independent thinking as their world literally crashed around their tiny, insignificant feet.

Eventually, everyone stopped screaming and listened to the echoing silence. Apprehension gripped the atmosphere by the neck and twisted until limpness was the only feeling. Not a sound interrupted the harsh, slashing silence. The dense air surrounding the trapped race of people restricted movement of any kind.

A lone wail rose from the distance in the lifeless world. From every conceivable corner of the square, flesh rotted, irrational, deceased people ran towards any living thing, aiming to devour the whole of humanity, boxing them in, bit by bit.

It was a horde of zombies, and they were heading straight for the remaining members of humankind.

Nobody who lived and breathed the treacle like air could move a muscle. They were all transfixed to their various spots in the once quirky, lovable town. As the first of the unfortunate shoppers who were closest to the oncoming wave of assailants were being consumed and changed into the lifeless, flesh eating parasites that the zombies essentially were, the public realised that they should probably move – and fast.

No matter how quickly you could run, they could run faster. They were not the clumsy, condemned souls of the dead; they were beasts, built for the sole purpose to recruit others to their ranks. Nobody fell, tripped or even stumbled. Everyone was too scared to make such stupid mistakes. They all knew that one wrong move and they were all goners.

Terror no longer rooted people to the spot. Now it pumped adrenaline through their systems, forcing them to battle. Or they could flee like the prey in a chase. Neither of those choices had a good ending for any of the humans.

The only way to kill the zombies was to detach their heads from their bodies. Whether the particular method of killing was to shoot, smash, or crush, once the head was destroyed, the body became lifeless and harmless once more. It took some time for the people of the cobbled streets to work that out, but once they did, they stood a better chance. Many more of the zombies lay dead at the feet of the victims in this evil torment. However, there were not enough dead. More and more grew and took over the streets. Fleeing and hoping for the best while killing the occasional offending attacker was the only way to survive. That and pure luck.

It was not as though they could do anything else. Those poor, sinning humans could not possibly face the creator of this monstrosity alone. They would need help.

Buildings were raided and everything was smashed in the brawls and fights in attempts to save lives. Not many were that lucky. These monsters seemed only to be fazed by being given a second death. Maiming them or rendering them without arms did not stop them from attacking. The disease spread quickly, showing the effects worse than the plague.

People fought not because they thought their lives depended on it, but because they actually did. Some of the weaker forces offered to give themselves up for the possible saviour of humanity, most only giving up because they knew that alone, there was no way they could win. It was like a horror movie, only this could not just be switched off whenever it got too scary or upsetting. Whatever happed now was what happened to the rest of humanity. Pain morphed and disfigured, taking no prisoners.

Madness drove through the minds of the victims, cursed to know that they were being attacked by their loved ones, ones who had built the city and made it what it was. They were the ones who had worked to make the city thrive and grow. Knowing that pain that was displayed onto the twisted souls bore on the expressions of the faces of the attackers. Both descendants and attackers openly displayed their emotions, neither having anything to hide them from. Or at least, that they knew of.

The zombies knew exactly what they were doing. Their afterlife had been taken from them, their peaceful sleep disturbed. Whatever their beliefs were, in the afterlife, they had been fulfilled. If the belief was that they would be reincarnated then they were. If the belief was that they would go to heaven or hell, then they would. Hate and anger fuelled these slumber – woken monsters, driving them forward. They would have attacked something or someone else had they known who was to blame. Nobody knew what was going on, so everything that moved was an enemy. Not a sole person on the planet trusted anyone else, with one exception, Aria and Kyle.

Children were whisked away in the madness, slaughtered in the worst ways possible in front of the mothers and families. Mothers were forced to sink to the lowest level of anguish and loathing for the sudden loss of the most precious thing in the world to them. It was not just inhumane. It was demonic. This was not the work of one twisted soul, surely. Was there really such hate and despair in one person’s heart to want to hurt these people so much? What could possibly have happened in one lifetime to cause such pain?

Blasting through any remaining intact glass, rain smashed onto the world with all the force it had. Whole seas were lifted into the air in the form of clouds and simply dropped in sheets onto the unlucky inhabitants of Earth, removing any valuable sight that was once the only advantage the living people had. Without at least a clue of what they were running into, what were the humans supposed to do?

Rumbling, a demonic laugh settled on the torrents of wind. Flying around the entire globe on the voices of the whispering winds in less than a second, the laugh spread and installed a new – found fear in all that could hear it. The roar of evil in the sound could have originally derived from The Prince of Darkness: Lucifer himself. But how on Earth was that possible? How could one man, as powerful as he may be, destroy the whole world single-handedly? Surely, it would be a little harder than that. Whatever it was that laughed, it definitely was not human.

Bolts of thunder lit up the skies and flashed light for the lucky escapees. Thunder crashed like powerful waves of water against a stemming dam. Screams saturated the air, the constant wail like that of a banshee. Rain pounded down onto every surface it was possible to hit. Soaked and unknowing of their destiny, the people of this planet did the only thing they could do.

They ran. 

The End

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