Chapter Two: Kyle RichardsMature

Chapter Two: Kyle Richards

I was in the middle of town. Soaking. Dancing. Oh, and with my best and closest friend ever. It was absolutely amazing.

We’d been dancing privately for years, ever since we were small. Knowing we weren’t all that good, we continued anyway, purely for the fun we found in it. Now, here we were. People actually liked us! They were clapping, whistling and throwing money to us.

Taking note of what we were wearing, I didn’t think either of us would be too bothered with getting soaked. All I was wearing was a pair of jeans, a T-shirt with my favourite band on, my grey beanie and a jacket, which I’d cast aside when we started to dance. Aria was wearing acid washed, slashed jeans – her favourite pair, a fitted black top and a grey trilby, which she collected the money that was donated to us in.

Talking of clothes, they clung to us tightly, the water turning ice cold in the breezy air blowing through town.

After about an hour and a half of dancing, we decided to stop entertaining everyone and actually go shopping as we’d originally planned. Gradually, people accepted that we were tired and the crowd thinned out.  Now, everyone was just acting like nothing had happened while we walked casually around town, wandering into shops when we got too cold.

First, we headed for Primark. It was the cheapest and biggest shop in town and Aria loved it. We wandered around the shop for what seemed like ages, throwing anything we liked into our baskets.

By the time we got to the checkout, we each had an overflowing basket of clothes and other accessories. I’d picked up some belts and hats as well as clothes, and as for Aria? Who knows? Well, I do, but she threw in so much that not much registered.

We strolled through the doors of Primark, many bags in our hands and gradually drying out.

Next, we went into a sports shop. This particular sports shop had a gym attached to it. We liked it because the separator was just a thick sheet of glass. Often, usually when we were in need of a pick me up, we’d meander into the shop and watch people through the glass. Laughing that they did this much strenuous exercise always cheered us up.

Well, that and that Aria fancied the pants off a cashier who worked here.

I caught her staring at him gooey eyed a few times, luckily I snapped her out of it before he saw. That could’ve been extremely embarrassing if I hadn't been able to. Rolling my eyes, I continued to watch and laugh a bit more at the people working out in the gym.

As she started to go doe eyed over him again, I decided to improvise. Jumping away from her, I began to shout, “Why aren’t you answering your phone?”

Aria being Aria, she understood immediately. “I’m not here right now. Please leave a message, after the beep. Beep!”

“Hello there!” I was already beginning to get into character, although which character I hoped would become apparent. “I saw you in the kitchen before. Oh, it’s Batman by the way. So sidekick, there has been a call out. We’ve a new mystery to solve. I’d like it if that when you got this message, you’d call me. Okay then, I guess that is it. Bye.”

Instantly, she found a character that worked and worked it to its maximum extent. “Batman! Help me!”

“What’s wrong?” My voice filled with fake concern.

“I was shot.” She clutched her stomach and doubled over dramatically. “Just tell everyone that I love them!” she shouted, falling over.

“No!” I wailed for about half a minute before running out of breath. “I won’t let them do this to you! Hold on Daphne!” I paused and looked up at who there was already crowded around. “I’m going to call Spiderman and get him to come to take you to hospital!”

In her best moaning voice, Aria managed to croak out, “Okay. I’ll try to stay strong for you. I know how much you need me.”

I turned around and screwed my face up. People among the growing crowd laughed. “Hello? Hello!” I selected a braver member of the audience. “I need you to take my sidekick to the hospital!”

He replied by saying, “Okay. I’m getting a taco though. I’ll be there in about ten minutes?”

“What?” I exclaimed. I loved it. “Can you not speed it up a bit?”

“Not unless you want a lot of innocent people to be deprived of tacos in the line in front of me.” He paused. “In fact, make that twenty minutes. Bye!”

“Wait! What? Damn it! He cut me off!” I threw my hands down in distress. “Just hold on!” I shouted as I dropped to my knees next to Aria. “Hold on damn it!”

Aria mimed taking out her phone. “Hello? Spiderman?” The man from the crowd stepped back into character. “Hello?”

“Yeah?” came the reply.

“Are you not meant to be saving me right now?”

“Is Batman with you?” said the man from the crowd, our improvised Spiderman.

“Yes he is, but I’m not giving him a message!” shouted Aria.

“Fine,” moaned our Spiderman.

Aria made her voice grow weaker. “Just hurry up, okay? I kind of need to get to the hospital! Hurry up!”

“Okay then. If it is really that desperate. I suppose I can try,” answered Spiderman.

“Are you holding on?” I shouted to Aria. She ignored me. “I said are you holding on? Keep your eyes open damn it!” I mimed slapping her.

Eventually, she lifted her head up, opening her eyes. “I can’t help it if he’s late now can I? And enough of the slapping already! Honestly!”

I decided to take it a step further. After all, if I could help out a friend while having fun, why not? “I should probably call Superman and see if he can get here any quicker!” I peered through the crowd, trying to find one man. When I found him, I shuffled into the crowd and dragged him back into the circle.

“Superman! I need you to help me take my sidekick into hospital!”

At first, the man I’d dragged out from the crowd, the cashier, tried to refuse to help. The crowd egged him on, wanting to see how it developed. Eventually he gave in and answered. “I’ll be there in a minute then!”

Aria, unable to see who it was chimed in, “I think I can see something in the sky! Is it a plane? Is it a bird?”

“Nope. Just a plastic carrier bag,” I said. Pointing, I added, “Superman’s over there. Look!”

The cashier walked around the circle a bit.

I started to shout to him, “Superman! Oi! Down here! Yeah. Here! I’m the one waving my arms like a drowning man! Get down here! Hurry up and get here already!”

Aria joined in, still not able to see him at all. “Superman, I swear to god, if you don’t get down here right now, I’m going to get out the kryptonite! Oh yes, I did go there. I know I’m harsh. I’m going to count to three, and if you aren’t here taking me to hospital, I’ll get it out!” Slowly, she started to count to three, “One! Two!”

Before she could start to say three, the cashier swooped down and picked Aria up in his arms. Finally getting a look at his face, she lost all sense of her tongue.

“Quick! Her heart rate is dropping!” From what I could see, it was probably sprinting a marathon right now. “You need to take her to hospital, right now! Spiderman won’t be here for another ten minutes!” I shouted, checking a pretend watch on my wrist.

“Okay!” shouted the cashier, only now finally getting into character. “Let’s go!”

“I’ll follow close behind!” I replied.

After running around in a tight circle for a few minutes like men in a silent slapstick movie, Spiderman joined us.

“Hang on Daphne!” shouted our Spiderman.

Aria finally found her words. “I think this is it! I wish you all farewell! It has been nice knowing you.”

“No!” I shouted, rather too dramatically, making people jump. “Hang on god damn it! Don’t make me slap you again!”

Aria perked up suddenly. “I’m okay! I’m alive! It is a miracle! Now there’s no need for slapping, is there?” She was struggling not to laugh now; I could see it in her embarrassed face.

“Yes,” said the cocky Spiderman, “but can you shoot silk out of your ass?”

We all decided to stop at that point. Aria was placed very gentlemanly-like onto the floor, where she stood back up and smoothed her hair in an attempt to hide her embarrassment, by the cashier. We all bowed to the crowd that had gathered and grown around the small, yet very dramatic performance. Cheers and whoops were bellowed from the mass of bodies and a smile worked its way onto my face, refusing to move, no matter what I tried to stop it.

“We’ll be here all day!” I joked, finishing the performance, once and for all. As the crowd dispersed, I thought about how weird this day was becoming.

I looked over in the direction of Aria and the cashier. She was way too good for him. I don’t know what she saw in him, but he obviously had what it took to be in the ‘hot’ section of a girl’s mind. When we’d first started to act, Aria had just dumped her bags into a heap on the floor. Now, she was gazing deeply into the cashier’s eyes. A red flush spread across my face. The cashier saw the bags in a heap on the floor and he peered into one as the top fell apart. His face contorted.

“What?” said Aria, voice full of concern. “What's up?”

Only nine words exited the cashier’s mouth as he stared nosily into Aria’s bags from Primark, but they upset and embarrassed Aria so much that it made me want to fight him. “You bought a bra while you were with him?”

The End

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