Part One: The First Horsewoman: ConquestMature

Conquest / Dawn

I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and she was given a crown, and she rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

Barren skies filled the view over the deserted land. Where the land was once rich and populated, now only the echoes of the dead crossed paths with the rider on the white horse. Hoof prints were all that disturbed damp soil covering the wasteland that was once lush and full of growth. The end of the world was near, destruction following in the wake of the rider. Silence filled the air, cut only by the heavy breathing of the only two living creatures in the vast land. Nothing could stop the invisible, evil force driving the rider forward.

The rider looked back at the rubble that was once the grandest town in this place. The sun was rising on this seemingly fitting scene, framing the destruction. A smile spread slowly and menacingly across her face. The smile gradually turned into a low, rumbling laugh that could bring down a city twice this one’s size. Moans had filled the air, death lingering for longer than necessary. Torture was the only way in which Dawn, as she passed herself off in the towns and cities before crumbling them, could release any emotion. She had been born to destroy, brought into this world to control and command power. Weakness had never been a characteristic of hers.

The earth seemed to shake underneath the rider on the white horse, quaking in fear and apprehension. Unleashing the ferocity and power behind the destruction and hate that steered the white horse’s rider down the path of malevolence seemed to be her plan. Through her head played the memories of the deaths she had dealt, the cities that she had watched build up from scratch for years, only to blow down their house of cards at the most crucial moment. Filled with satisfaction of the day’s work, yet craving more devastation and annihilation she started to move off to the next city worth eliminating.

From the dust still settling on the newly destroyed town, a man walked unharmed. Walking through, he studied her work closely, reconstructing what happened from the events that took place earlier. His footsteps echoed ominously around the debris that surrounded him. A chill took to the air, swirling tensely around the rider and the man who faced her. Time seemed to stand still, the sun hanging in the sky without movement for some time, dust unmoving on the dead floor. They studied each other, neither wanting to make the first move, as they were both unsure of the capabilities of the other.

Finally, the newcomer spoke. “Dawn. I have been following you for a long time. I have seen the things that you can do, the destruction you can cause, and the fear you can inspire. Aged fifteen, you are the perfect apprentice for me. I have great plans for the future. As the economy expands and grows, we will watch. I have the power to let you watch for all eternity if we need to. With you by my side, we shall rule the world, one day. The downfall of the Earth will finally satisfy the thirst for power that you wish to quench, yet do not yet have the control to. Having known you from birth, I know how you have grown. I even know how you started out – with nothing. Your ruthless way of demanding power is just what I need for someone to rule a fourth of all the Earth. Join me, The Fifth Horseman. Join me as Dawn, but become Conquest, my first horseman.”

With that, the man gripped the reins of the horse that had followed him seemingly silently and unnoticed through the clouds of dust in the ex-city. Stroking the mane, his eyes seemed bent on revenge, yet his hand lovingly petted the untangled hair of the horse. The fire that burned deeply in his eyes triggered memories of Dawn’s younger years.

Her parents had never been supportive, or even stuck around long enough to leave any memories of them to her. She was a mistake in their eyes. They wanted a son, and when they got a daughter, they made it perfectly clear they wanted nothing to do with her. Abandoned and left to another family since she was brought into this world – more than dangerous during these times of war and hate – she absorbed what she had been exposed to and channelled it into hate for the other people of this world, especially the family that adopted her.

Fighting for her place in the ranks of the living, she quickly became powerful. Eventually, she moved on to destroy cities at the change in direction of the breeze, anytime she wanted to. That feeling gave her power and people feared her for what she had become. She was a monster.

The man, who had introduced himself as The Fifth Horseman, mounted his dark blue horse with ease. The colour of the horse was strange, mesmerising almost. The skies at dusk were not as dark or intense as this. Stars were not represented on this magnificent steed, as the coat lay unblemished and pure. Staring at her, The Fifth Horseman started on his way. He was heading away from the next city where Dawn had planned to travel to, instead heading for a place, which she knew contained nothing but sand and rocks. Looking over his shoulder, The Fifth Horseman shot her a knowing glance before continuing at a constant fast pace towards total emptiness.

Weighing up how worthwhile this investment could be to her, the rider on the white horse, who gave her identity Dawn away to become Conquest, followed her new master to a promise of a rise to unlimited power and control.

The End

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