Midnight Stranger

"Torri?" a voice asked.

I startled awake, jolting upright as quick as lightning. There was a dark silhouette hovering in my room. A stranger in the middle of the night. I scrambled to the corner of the bed, afraid whoever it was might strike me.

"Sorry. I didn't think you would wake up so easily. It's me, Logan."

"What do you want?" I asked, heart still racing.

"Just to talk. If that's alright with you," he replied gently.

"I guess so."


The dark silhouette that was Logan moved forward and sat on my bed. Silver moonlight streamed in, and I could see him better now.

His brown hair looked silver in the midnight lighting, and his pale face was argent.

"You're gonna love it here," he said after a few minutes of easy silence.

"That's what I'm afraid of," I answered honestly.

"I understand what you mean. I felt the same way," he said.

"Yeah, but you got adopted. They'd never adopt me," I said glumly.

"You never know. It'll happen someday. Either that, or you'll grow up and make something of yourself," Logan answered.

We talked for an hour or two. And truth be told, it was great talking with Logan. He understands the system, and he knows how I feel. I was utterly relieved to share my thoughts with Logan.

"Thank you, Logan, for talking with me. It means a lot to me," I said appreciatively.

"Anytime. Just say the word, and I'm all ears," he announced with a yawn.

"I'm sorry I kept you up for so long. You should really get some rest. Night, Logan."

"Night Torri. Remember, just try to relax and be grateful for the good when you've got it."

I nodded, knowing that unless he was looking at me, which he wasn't--he was at the door-- he wouldn't see me.

I sighed and laid back down on my bed. I hugged the pillow closer, and an hour later, I fell asleep again.

The End

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