I bet you must be wondering; What was the point of that story? Why bring the main character to the peak, the zenith, the very best bit, and kill her off? Well, it wasn't because I got bored, it was because this story has a meaning! The meaning I could come up with from this story is that even though we fall, others fall, we come close, and get a taste of victory and then fail at the final hurdle, we should never give up hope! Get up if you can, drag yourself is you must, but never give up! Theres this quote that suddenly comes to mind, I'm not sure who said it but it's appropriate now. "Get up and walk if you have to but finish the damned race!" Even if the one you put all you hopes on, all your dreams of victory, everything, just crashes and burns, don't give up! There's still others, still hope! Never give up hope, and never say die. That is the meaning I could get out of this story.

The End

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