The Gateway To The Corrupt

Zoe faced the great goldengates in front of her. It had been two months since she had left her training and allready she was at the gates of the corrupt leader of the land; Leader Yashgam. Dead bodies were littered around and behind her, gaurds who had tried to stop her but had not succeded. She hadn't even broken a sweat yet. She was that good. She drew her sword of power and kissed it, despite the blood of other men upon it. It was her weapon. It was going to get her through this. She walked up to the gates, aware of the men behind the gate. And hacked at it. Peices of wood came flying off. She hacked again, and again, and again. She kept attacking the golden gate, until she was sweating and breathing heavily. This gate was more of an effort than the four hundred gaurds dead behind her! She paused for a minute to get her breath back and took out some water from her pack. She sipped a bit, then poured half of it down her throught. Zoe sat down and figured out her battle strategy. After ten minutes of
strategic thinking, she stood up, faced the gate, pushed the hair out of her eyes, and hacked once more at the golden gates.

After she had almost made a hole in the gates, she heard a cry from behind the gates
"Charge! We do not need her alive, so do what you want!" An answering roar of fifty thousand men replied in a wordless cry of rage and battle lust.
"Damn!" Zoe whispered to herself. They knew who she was, and how dangerous she was. "This might be messy." And with one final swish of her sword she ripped through the golden gates of Leader Yashgam. And into the battle.

The End

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