The Fifteen Year Old Warrior

A story about a fifteen year old girl; Zoe, who goes out to destroy the evil that has overrun her land. Is she to return to her place of training successful, or will it end in tradgedy?

"Here, my student is your new Sword of Power. Use it as you will. But remember who taught you the things you know. I am honoured to have taught you in the ways of magic, honour and power." Said Teacher Onja, as he passed a blue sword with a red stripe down the middle to his student; Zoe Alfatio. Teacher Onja was a wise old man, with many many years of experience under his belt. He had a long grey beard, long grey hair to his waist, and he stood just over five foot tall. Zoe was a girl of fifteen, with short red hair. She had freckles all over her face and was five foot five inches. She accepted the blade carefully, and put it in a sheath covered in precious jewels she had collected over her five years of training. These jewels represented different acheivments. The square blue one was to show she could swim 800 metres on her own with a heavy boulder, quater of her weight, without help. The oval shaped orange one showed she had won twenty fights in a row against fully grown men, with no break in between. There were too many jewels to count,each one representing a great achievement, as I have said. She was rather extra-ordianary. She stood up from the kneeling postition she was in and said is a smooth, velvety voice
"Thank you Teacher Onja. I shall treasure it and keep it safe forever. I am honoured that you think me worthy enough to leave after only five years of training." She bowed once more, and Teacher Onja nodded his head.
"You are worthy, my student. It is now time for you to go out into the world and fight for all that is good and rightious. Show no mercy to the evil and corrupt. You must destroy evil. Now leave this place and go out," He paused, and saidin a deadly whisper "and destroy the evil that has overrun this country." Zoe bowed for a third time and left the training ground. Never to return, until her task was complete.

The End

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