the festival of vampires

My name is oreon and in my town We have a vampire problem . Every year we have a sad festival of vampires, it’s almost time for it. There will be fried chicken dinner at the fire house four dollars a plate. There will be services at the church, maybe that will get rid of our vampire problem because there is no doubt that they are on the move . They are stalking through the forests and sliding across our lawns leaving behind them bodies soft and limp. Sometimes after they kill they cry long and hard some times they even laugh.


“Come home before dark” my mother says, every night she hangs fresh garlic on our mantel piece to guard against the vampires of spring.

    It was Monday morning, we were doing shapes and movement in maths .But I wasn’t doing maths I was watching Kylies head; she sits in front of me. It turned ninety degrees and tilted up. The sun caught her hair and it turned a luxurious light brown.

I daydream about her, we do weird things like have fights in the snow naked but this time I’m fed up so I picture her kissing me. I was awoken by the school bell. On the way home I feel guilty about dreaming of Kylie kissing me. That night I feel really thirsty I wonder if its love do I have a crush on Kylie? I ask myself and after that I force my self to sleep.


   People keep going missing from my school. Today only me and Kylie turned up I asked her if she wanted to go to lunch with me. she said “yes” on the way there she grabs my hand and pulls me into the store room.

“It’s no secret that you like me and we are the only ones left” she whispered. Then she’s kissing me like I’ve never been kissed before. Red eyes are glowing in the back ground as we kiss and soon after white teeth are sinking into her soft flesh. I push her away and run. I must get out of town get a plane, do something to get away. I run into the dinner hall and lock the doors. They bang. And bang.  Over and over again some thing drips on my head I step away and look up “oh great” I shout. The vampire spawns are cracking I take out the letter that is in my pocket it reads

I’m going to get cursed turned into a vampire it’s not right hiding from fate and anyway I don’t want to be one of the ones they keep to breed. But they have loads of cool things like have you heard of Transylvanian kissing which is when they bite each others tongues and suck at the blood. Sexy. If you choose to be a vampire to, we could get married.

Your friend Kylie.

By the time I had read the letter they had already broken through the doors and circled me. I feel Kylie soft skin touch my face as she sinks her teeth into my neck.

It’s not so bad now I have my own life and three kids with Kylie were expecting another life is good but there is one problem people keep coming and trying to get us they say a vampire’s cry can be heard for miles and it’s our kids that attract them, at first it was good more human to breed and to eat but then we had to move away they moved us at but its still a good life being a vampire.

The End

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