The festival

Devilot wants to join the Graceful Flower Dance Troop. Uhm.... I don't know where this might go, if it ever goes anywhere.

    The whole thing was the absolute definition of gracefulness and beauty. Every year, Sakura Academy held it's annual summer festival. During that time, the Graceful Flower Dance Troop performed a special dance in their beautiful and colorful kimonos.  Every year Devliot watched them, adoring their amazing moves, and wishing he could be up there on that stage too.  Devilot was an anthropomorphic wolf, with pitch-black fur, and pretty red devil wings, because he was part senshi. He had attended the academy for 3 years, but never had the courage to go ask if he could join. So here he was, a week before the summer festival, he finally gathered the courage to go ask. Sure, he would be the only boy, but that wasn't the point. He wanted to join, and that was that. He entered the practice room and walked straight up to the head of the troop, Sakura. Sakura was a jorogumo, a spirit who can control spiders. She had long blonde hair, emerald green eyes, a beautiful smile, and a thin figure.


  "Hello" she said, petting devilot on the head. "Welcome to the Graceful Flower Dance Troop practice room. Can I help you?"

  Devilot looked up at her, blushing in embarresment at the question he was about to ask.

  "I...well...Miss Sakura! I would like to join the dance troop!"
She blinked, taken back by the sudden proclamation.

  " know we are an all female dance troop, right?" she asked.

"But I really want to!" pleaded Devilot. "I know all the moves and I would love to contribute!"

The End

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