Told by multiple narrators, this story concerns another universe, far more utopian than our own with a Norwegian style restorative justice system, and where human beings are descended from cats rather than apes.

In a far distant universe, quite separate and remote from our own, resided the Felidae, an entire human civilization descended not from apes, but rather from cats. Similar to us, the aesthetic appearance of the Felidae, varied between races, and all resided in different parts of their world, though there was much travel and interaction between them. Much like their ancestors, the Felidae were strong and flexible, with generally tall stature, excellent eyesight and hearing, as well as a marked ability to climb trees. Despite their ancestors' dislike of water, the Felidae had evolved to like it and to bathe just as we do. Likewise, the fur of their ancestors had given way to ordinary hair, though their skin, despite being as smooth, strong and waterproof as ours, usually maintained the colour and pattern of their individual race.

The tigretta for instance possessed a striking orange skin with black stripes, and their hair was always black, the amicurl were not dissimilar to the silver tabby, ombai were especially beautiful with their striking black skin and emerald green eyes, but to name a few. Similarly to the tigretta, their hair was always black, though smooth and straight as well. In fact, the Felidae consisted of over a hundred different races, far more than in our human civilisation. The culture was far more utopian, with strong emphasis on equality, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or anything else. This is not to say of course that evil was non existent. However, due to the focus on friendship and harmony, there was less of it and a Norwegian style restorative justice system always dealt with crime.

Unlike in our universe, the Felidae were very far from experiencing clashes between belief in God and human sexuality. Both were considered separate and distinct from each other. Though churches, temples, registry offices and even atheist/agnostic societies existed to cater for the wide range and variety of beliefs, and choices regarding matrimony, no distinction was made whatsoever between same sex or opposite sex marriages. As part of sex education, the schools taught the four main sexualities, including asexuality in the mix as a matter of course. Discrimination or violence of any kind were not tolerated and always punished with severity. Due to the complete acceptance of individual difference, pride marches and gay culture were non existent, though there were black rings, pink rings or a variety of different shirts available for those wanting to be completely open about which gender they fell in love with or about their asexuality.

The End

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